Gamers only have to wait one more day before the annual release of the Madden football series. Madden 11 comes out tomorrow and gamers everywhere are ready to pour countless hours into the virtual gridiron.

One of the things many gamers like to do are unlock achievements. Usually there are some common ones such as “Return Two TD’s on special teams” or “Score X amount of points.”

EA is starting to throw in some tailored to certain players. Madden 11 will feature an achievement called “No Offense” which you can unlock once you’ve intercepted 5 passes. The icon is a picture of Jay Cutler hanging his head in shame.

Are we totally mad that Jay Cutler was chosen as the icon for this achievement? Well of course not because Cutler wasn’t the only NFC North star that was made fun of.

Adrian Peterson is the feature of the “Butterfingers” achievement. You can unlock this achievement by forcing 3 fumbles.

You can check the Chicago Bears full ratings for Madden 11 here.

Credit to Tengo Juego from VSN on the find.

6 thoughts on “Madden 11 Disses Jay Cutler and Adrian Peterson”

  1. You bring up an interesting point Nick. They did win the same amount of playoff games as the Packers last season, so at least they can suck on the same level.

  2. Rush: What were the Bears doing in the 18th week of the season? Oh Jay Cutler was sulking on his couch WATCHING the Packers in the playoffs… While Aaron Rodgers was scoring 5 touchdowns and bringing his team back from a huge deficit.

    huh what ya huh what huh yeah

  3. Shot Of Ginn:

    You can’t brag about making the playoffs unless you actually win a game so you advance. Otherwise the Dallas Cowboys would be the playoff champions. Cowboys “MAKE” the playoffs year in and year out and until recently they had a nice little 10 year drought without a playoff victory.

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