There are plenty of fantasy football drafts slated for tonight, let us give you the drop on the latest fantasy football team names. You may recall our last article on fantasy team names, anyway we’re back for Round 2.

We’re just going to list them off for your convenience.

  • Big Ass TDs
  • The Forte Year Old Virgin
  • Taste Dwayne Bowe
  • Smashed A Kardash’
  • Chris Henry Too Soons?
  • Ryan Moats’ & Hoes
  • The Jamarcus Russel Cholesterol Tussle
  • Slob on My Kolb
  • The Gaines Adams’ Family
  • Robbie ‘s Gould-en Shower
  • 2 Mannings, 1 Cup
  • Johnny KNOXville
  • Get Off My Ditka
  • Snortin That Orton
  • Ginn & Juice
  • CJ Drill Her Then Spill Her
  • I Beg to Dilfer
  • Eli’s Gushing Forehead
  • LeFevour for more Cowbell
  • She Said No, Ben Knows
  • Jeff Garthia’s Lisp
  • That Dumb Punt
  • Jones-Drew your mom naked
  • The More You Knowshon Moreno

This article wouldn’t have been possible without the help from Al Gore creating the internet, Bob Kuzzy, and Zack for contributions to the team list. Feel free to post your own funny fantasy football team names in the comments section.

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