Joining me today is one of the top offensive linemen in the 2012 Class, Dan Voltz. Dan has been drawing interest from many of the top programs across the country. He is a prospect you should keep your eyes on over the next two seasons. Dan is an offensive lineman from Barrington High School in Barrington, Illinois.

PH:  According to, you have offers from Illinois, Northwestern and Wisconsin. Are there any other schools that you have offers from, r think you will get an offer from?
DV: Yes, I have offers from those three schools. I have been in contact with many schools, but Ohio State and Tennessee have shown recent interest.

PH:  At this point are you leaning towards any college?
DV:  It is too early in the process to lean towards any one school. I do have my favorites, but at this point in the process I am not leaning towards any school.

PH:  Describe your college one day visits?
DV:  I have been to Illinois, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Ohio State, and Tennessee this summer for camps/visits and all of the schools have impressed me. I have seen what some of the top programs in the country have to offer. It can be overwhelming at times but it is a dream come true to be able to experience this.

PH:  When did you first start to draw interest from these colleges?
DV:  I first started drawing legitimate college interest after the completion of my sophomore football season on the varsity level.

PH:  You are considered one of the best Offensive linemen in the 2012 class, how do you plan to improve?
DV:  I try to work on my game every day. Whether that means running and lifting at the high school, or working out at the Core 6 Athletes facilities. I try to improve every day.

PH:  Is there an offensive lineman in college or in the NFL that you try to copy their style or you look up to?
DV:  I don’t try to copy any player’s style because it is important to be who you are as a player and not try to be an imitator. I do look up to certain linemen such as Jake Long and Olin Kreutz.

PH:  When you get to college do you expect to be an OT or might you move to Guard?
DV:  At this point it is hard to tell because, I have two full years of high school before I go to college, but I can say that I will play any position that is needed for the team I am on.

PH: How far do you expect your team to go this year?
DV:  There is no limit to how far my team can go this year. We have a real solid group of guys and a ton of returning players so it’s up to us how far we can go.

Thanks for taking some time to answer these brief questions. Best of luck to you this season Dan.

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  1. I hope we can keep him in the state at Illinois. There is so much good in-state talent that it’s a shame to see these great players go anywhere else.

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