Three Days, Three Home Runs, Three Huge Wins

The White Sox started out this 10 game 11 day road trip with a three game stint with their 2010 nemesis the Cleveland Indians.  On Monday it was Brent Lillibridge, Tuesday, A.J. Pierzysnki, and Wednesday, Paul Konerko.

Three critical home runs, all coming at the most important times in the particular games, and all leading the Sox on their way to three key victories to start this trip.

The hoopla surrounding the Manny Ramirez saga left the White Sox in an interesting situation as this series began.  They could have come out and laid an egg like they have done all year against the Indians, or they could have gotten caught up in the hype and forgotten about winning ballgames.

But they didn’t.  The Sox found ways to claw at three consecutive games, and find themselves just a bit closer to the Twins than they were before entering Cleveland.

And they did it with something that is very familiar to the South Siders… the long ball.

One great way to re-energize a ballclub is to hit big home runs late in games.  Another way is to hit 3 big home runs late in games.

The Sox are beginning to dream again.  Edwin Jackson looks like a bona fide ace.  Manny should add some extra pop to a lineup that may need it.  And Chris Sale appears to be the shining light the Sox bullpen has been looking for.

I know 3.5 games in a month is a tough deficit to overcome, but it starts with your own team.  Win your own games, and beat the teams you should.  3 for 3 against the Tribe is a start.  Now with a day off, and two Twins games to watch, the Sox can pick up another full game if all goes right in Minneapolis.  And if not, the Sox are still looking pretty good, and starting to feel much better about themselves.

This was a big series in Cleveland.  And with a day off before the treks to Boston and Detroit, this team has got to keep their eyes on the prize.  Keep playing your game, and keep winning every time you can.  The rest will take care of itself.

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