Chicago Bears Pre-Season Wrap Up and Regular Season Preview

Following a so-called progressive training camp located in Bourbonnais, Illinois, the Chicago Bears were looking forward to showing off their brand new, polished team for the upcoming 2010 season.

With the usual high hopes, it wasn’t unusual for a disappointment.

The critics of Mike Martz’s offense had to be smirking a bit inside, as failure was abundant and success was at a low rate. Offensively, the Bears’ offensive line looked horrid. Chris Williams, an expected staple in Chicago’s line, gave up four sacks in one half of play versus the Oakland Raiders…with Richard Seymour not playing.

While the line’s play was expected, another squad’s performance was unexpected.

Defensively, the Bears offense was in sync with Brian Urlacher’s players.

Speaking of Urlacher, did we mention he was injured? Oh, and Lance Briggs, too. While we’re on the topic of injuries, the only true free safety we have had to undergo surgery on his left index finger.

However, Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, and Major Wright seemingly will be ready for the season, but that doesn’t prevent Bears fans from fretting.

Injuries proved costly for the Bears last year, and this year would prove even more costly. Urlacher, Briggs, and Tillman are players you can’t replace with depth. All of the aforementioned players are on the verge of career endings.

With the keys to 2010 in the hands of particular players, it’s time to talk about the upcoming festivities.

In 2010, Chicago faces the likes of the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, and the New York Jets. With the occasional Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers mixed in, 2010 holds a recipe for a tough year.

However, if the Bears play like they’re supposed to, of course playoffs are imminent.

But, would you give up a mediocre season next year for a legacy of playoffs and Super Bowls, possibly?

William McCaskey, a higher voice in the Chicago Bears organization, has allegedly voted to clean the house and bring in “Da Chin”.

This means that Lovie Smith, Jerry Angelo, and all of the coaches would be fired, then Bill Cowher and his partner-GM Kevin Colbert would be brought in along with Cowher’s staff.

The Cowher-Colbert combination has brought the Pittsburgh Steelers to an elite-level; basically what they are now. The majority of Bears fans want Lovie and Jerry gone. What would you sacrifice?

Of course, this could all be a false report back when the beginning of the 2010 off-season was surfaced, but it is sure believable. Cowher has been known to take a liking when it comes to Chicago’s hard-nosed, no BS tradition.

Without Cowher and Colbert, a continuous 7-9 or worse-per-season is imminent, in my opinion. Unless the Chicago Bears upgrade their offensive line, add depth to the defense, and compose different packages of the Cover-Two, mediocre seasons will become a trend in Chicago, and Chicago will not stand for such things.

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