If you haven’t heard…Ray Lewis is the New Old Spice Guy. As a big fan of the “old” Old Spice commercials, I will say….Ray has some very large shoes to fill. Best part of the commercial? Blowing up the planet. Worst part of the commercial? Ray Lewis.

Yep, it’s no fantasy.
Isaiah Mustafa’s serene shower whistles have been replaced by the 11-time pro bowler and his penchant for smashmouth “for-real football.”

Gone are the boat shoes and boisterous claims that “he is the man your man could smell like.” New to the body-wash broadcast is Ray Lewis’ soapy swagger, as he saddles up to ride a jet-powered raven through outer space — just like every man does when he pops open a bottle of Old Spice.
The linebacker’s 30-second bit will reportedly air on Thursday, at which point the NFL’s opening-night audience learns that Lewis spent his offseason annihilating the solar system. (Via the Baltimore Sun)


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2 thoughts on “Ray Lewis is the New Old Spice Guy, New Commercial to during 1st NFL Game

  • September 9, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    Remember, this is the guy who murdered someone during Super Bowl week.

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