Remember when LeBron James took his talents to South Beach? Of course you do because we’re all still pissed off about it This is kind of like that. Instead of 3 ridiculously good basketball players teaming up, this time it’s two awesome blogs.

ChiCitySports has a great home page, and an even better Message Board for fans. For that reason, we have became the Official Message Board of The Sports Bank. You will be able to catch their articles posted on our forums and some even on the home page in the future.

In the mean time, go check their site out and give a look over. Put it in your favorites, and view it every….single…day. It would be beneficial towards your health.


Been following Chicago sports for many years. I have ties to Rockford, Illinois however have since been displaced in North Carolina far from Illinois. I am still an avid fan despite the geographical complications in following my teams. I am known as the internet’s #1 Rex Grossman connoisseur

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