One of the Bulls first moves in free agency was to shore up their three point shooting with the signing of Kyle Korver.   However, Korver isn’t likely a 30 minute a night player, especially with Luol Deng playing so many minutes at SF.   They then tried to sign J.J. Redick, who would have been a perfect fit, but Orlando matched the offer sheet and by doing so will pay 15 million for Redick this season after the luxury tax (seriously, they’re paying max money for the next two seasons on J.J. Redick).

The Bulls moved on to sign Ronnie Brewer, an athletic beast who defends and makes nice basket cuts, but doesn’t have a shot outside of 17 feet.   With a need for shooting still out there, the Bulls sign and traded for Warrior guard C.J. Watson.


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By: Doug Thonus

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