To all of the Devin Hester naysayers, I hope that you catch a glance of this video. In the 2nd quarter Hester reeled in a 9-yard TD catch from Jay Cutler. Easily the best catch of Devin Hester’s career, you’ll see it on youtube and being replayed many times in the future. Many people have doubted Hester’s ability as a WR, I have been one to doubt him myself. He is making strides to put these “doubts” to rest.

He is far from a polished WR but he is definitely making progress each week. This one handed-snag for a TD is very impressive and I came out of my seat when I saw it. So Bear fans….raise a glass for Hester and his TD catch..this drinks for you! Let’s hope that you can have a repeat performance next week against Green Bay.

Hester had 4 Catches for 77 yards, and 1 TD (9 yards) against the Dallas Cowboys.

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