It always takes me a few weeks each NFL season to remember how closely bunched most of the NFL really is. Teams like the Patriots and Titans can look like world beaters in week 1, and then be humbled completely in week 2. The Bengals, who looked like huge defensive flops last week, had a great defensive effort against the Ravens.

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 19: William Moore  of the Atlanta Falcons tackles quarterback Derek Anderson  of the Arizona Cardinals at Georgia Dome on September 19, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

If there is one thing I took away from this Sunday, it was that this the league is still a big pile of question marks. Sure the Rams, Raiders, and Bills have remained league punching bags, but outside of that, any team could make a case for making the playoffs right now.

Might as well start with the Titans, and Vince Young, both of whom looked terrible. I didn’t even know Kerry Collins was still playing football, and I still think Young is the guy who gives them the best chance to win. Obviously, Jeff Fisher feels differently, which will make that a very fun story to follow, especially since the Titans’ owner has said a number of times he prefers Young.

The Steelers really need Big Ben back, even though they are 2-0. When he does get back, the Steelers automatically become the scariest team in football. That defense is already in top form, and they won yesterday despite getting literally nothing on offense.

Three way redemption week for three high profile AFC teams. The Colts easy win was no shock, neither was the Chargers, but the Jets came up big as well. A week after looking like a lost cause, Mark Sanchez appeared to be a NFL quarterback. Between the Dolphins, Patriots, and Jets, the AFC East is going to be a war all year long.

I’m convinced the Lions would be 2-0 if Matt Stafford hadn’t gotten injured, but that isn’t how things work. Fantasy owners are enjoying Jahvid Best, though I’ll be interested to see if he can handle that workload for 16 games.

Mike Vick should be the Eagles starting quarterback the rest of the season, I don’t even think it’s worth debating. Of course, the Eagles will start Kevin Kolb this week, in what has to be his last chance. If he struggles against the Jaguars, I don’t think Andy Reid can justify to Eagles’ fans keeping Kolb as the starter.

Big Mizzou day in Atlanta, where the Falcons started two former Tigers. William Moore had his first career interception, and Sean Weatherspoon led the team with eight tackles and a sack. The Falcons offense looked pretty darn good as well, blowing over a Cardinals team that has to regret not trading for Donovan McNabb.

The Texans appear to be for real, winning a tough road game in Washington. Matt Schaub is an insanely good quarterback, and will be in the MVP conversation all season long.

CHEIFS! (before it all falls apart)

I still need to see them play a good team, but the Bucs look good. I’m not sure if they can beat the Falcons or Saints, but they’ve earned my attention for now. Josh Freeman isn’t the most accurate, but he’s certainly an improvement over the disaster that he was last season. Let’s see how they do against the Steelers this week.

Week 3 is full of good divisions games, all of which could “set the tone” for a few weeks. Falcons-Saints, Jets-Dolphins, and Bears-Packers.

Finally, I’ll take the Saints to win big tonight, despite Mike Singletary insisting they WILL stop the Saints offense.

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