Do you hear that sound? Well if it’s coming from my direction it the sound of me eating my text from Sunday. I thought, like many that the Bears were headed for danger in Dallas. The Cowboys were hosting their home opener, they were coming off a tough loss, they had a supposed high powered offense, they were bigger, they were madder, and they were supposed to be better.

Not the case, though it has been hard to bask in the victory when the national media seems to want to focus on the Cowboys 0-2 start rather than the Bears 2-0. We digress, because as someone in our forum pointed out, it’s good to be the underdog.

Today I pick up my daily reader though and it seems David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune wants to take us all down from our collective high.

According to Haugh, Bears faithful should,

“Enjoy the Martz Magic Show…before, poof, it’s gone.

The man who has reinvented his NFL coaching career after a year in the studio and already given the Bears offense reason to think it can outscheme every team might not be at Halas Hall long.”

Heading in to the season we knew the circumstances. It’s playoffs or bust for this entire coaching staff, Martz included. Suddenly however, the Bears offense appears to be reborn under Martz (emphasis on appears, it’s only Week 2), and the Bears 2-0 start has the playoff buzz starting up early.

Unfortunately that could lead to a precarious situation. Haugh again,

“Imagine how attractive Martz will be on the job market if the Bears continue to move the ball as they have in the first two games, producing 771 yards. If Jay Cutler surpasses 4,000 passing yards and comes closer than ever to his Pro Bowl potential running Martz’s offense, every team with a head-coaching vacancy and an erratic quarterback will want an audience with Martz. Especially those seeking a quick fix.”

I am not one of those people who will root for my team to lose just to ensure that the current leadership gets canned. Yes, they are out there. However, I can’t help but wonder what might happen at the end of the season when and if the Bears should find success.

It’s a catch-22 in a sense. The Bears can miss the playoffs, and the staff will exit. The Bears can make the playoffs, and I believe Haugh is right, Martz will exit for a head coaching job somewhere.

It’s only week three of the NFL season, and a big matchup looms with the Green Bay Packers. I think we’ll know more about this team on Tuesday, the 28th of September than we know now, but it is some food for thought this situation, and it will be something very interesting to think about as the season rolls on.

This line was the most provocative to me from the article,

“A one-and-done scenario seems more realistic than Martz, 59, returning for another season as the offensive coordinator on a staff on which he’s arguably the most qualified head coach.”

Maybe that’s the answer.

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  1. It’s so early. It’s really just food for thought. What an interesting situation this could be at the end of the season.

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