New Bulls’ forward, Carlos Boozer, made an appearance for the “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000.  His opinion on whether or not the Bulls’ organization should trade Noah was a clear ‘no.’

“I want Joakim Noah to stay. I don’t want to see him in any uniform but a Bulls uniform.”

“Jo loves being a Chicago Bull, so for him, he’ll be excited at camp. I’ve known him for three, four months now, and his excitement level to be in this city and play for the Bulls is not matched by anybody else. He’ll be able to handle all the questions about it, and be ready to rock and roll.”

Boozer also had high praises for Carmelo Anthony:

“Carmelo Anthony is unbelievable, and hard to stop offensively,” Boozer said. “We played him in the playoffs last year, and we beat them 4-2, but the two games they won he single-handedly won the games by himself. The thing about ‘Melo is he’s as pure a scorer as we have in the game, because he can do it so many different ways. He can shoot the 3, can post-up, has great ball-handling ability. He’s a handful to defend.”

The Bulls now appear to be out of the Carmelo-sweepstakes, now that Denver is looking at a 4-team trade package that would send ‘Melo to the New Jersey Nets – in exchange for Derrick Favors, Utah’s Andrei Kirilenko, and multiple first-round draft picks.  Devin Harris would winde up in Charlotte, and Boris Diaw would land in Utah.

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