Joining me today is one of the top football players in the 2011 Class.  Ha’Sean is ranked as the best Safety in the nation and one of the top 10 overall players across the nation.

PH:  You are considered the Top Safety in the 2011 Class and one of the top players overall, how do you get even better this year?

HSCD: tackle your mistakes,  look at what I have to improve on to stay at the top of your game and on point and staying humble and focused.

PH: says your only weakness is “Backpedal quickness”, do you agree and how can you improve on that?

HSCD: With that I think there’s always improvement on anything i do so yes I do agree and they will see a change on that this year.

PH:  What makes you such a dominating force on the field?

HSCD: Being hungry and going after anything that attacks me on the field,  just my attitude and leadership I bring to the table.

PH:  You had interest from every top school in the nation, what made you choose Alabama?

HSCD: Great coaching staff, the way there academics program is set up and a chance to go in work hard and play early.

PH:  Is their any chance that we could see you line up at Cornerback for the Crimson Tide?

HSCD: Maybe, there is a chance where ever they need me to play I will play.

PH:  With you already making your decision, does that change how you will approach your senior season?

HSCD: Yes, in a good way, it got me back focused. Not much media chasing me so im just focused for my up coming season.

PH:  Even though you a a 5* player, you were only 3rd team all-state, does that give you extra motivation to go out and try to become 1st team?

HSCD: Yes it just makes me work harder and when I get to the 1st team I’m going to stay working hard to stay on top.

PH:  How good can the Dr. Phillips High School team be this year? Expectations? Goals?

HSCD: 15-0 state champs, we have a great chance to go all the way we have Sophomores stepping up to the plate. Juniors are too, so not only the seniors but everyone is doing there jobs.

God Bless.

Here are some highlights from Ha’Sean’s Junior Year.

I think it’s fair to say that Ha’Sean is a great young man who is willing to do whatever it takes to be the best and to win.

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