September 27th, 2010 | At Soldier Field

Chicago Bears: 20 | Green Bay Packers: 17

Jay Cutler and his crew assumed to come out with a W on Monday night, but nobody expected a blowout.

Chicago took the field with short passes and effective running to eat up some clock, along with yet another outing of players in motion to confuse the complex Green Bay defense. All seemed good in Chicago, as it turned out to be, but it was not easy.

The Bears found themselves desperate after Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy continuously completed passes to the outside versus the Bears’ cover-two. A 10 to nothing lead was scrolling across scoreboards everywhere with just moments left in the first half of play.

However, after a 36-yard pass on a corner route to the fan-favorite Johnny Knox, Soldier Field erupted for the first of multiple times.

Cutler gunned it in to tight end Greg Olsen for a nine-yard touchdown, giving Chicago much-needed momentum following a puzzling two quarters.

The Chicago Bears then drove, only to fail at the end zone following a bad pass by Jay Cutler that was dropped by Desmond Clark in the end-zone; wide open. But, an even better score occured…

A three-and-out was forced by the Bears’ defense, as Todd Masthay punted a line drive straight to the cold Devin Hester.

Hester, who threatened to field a punt for a score earlier in the game, was kicked to despite the miscues by Green Bay’s special teams. Let’s just say, the Windy City Flyer made them regret the thought D.H. was an average punt returner.

A 62-yard return for a touchdown made Lovie Smith and his troops even more pumped. Chicago was leading 14-10.

Then, Henry Melton laid the consistent Aaron Rodgers out, who appeared to injure his ankle. Lovie immediately called a timeout following the near-faults in Rodgers’ game. Next, Rodgers rushed for a three-yard touchdown en route to a Packers lead with several minutes remaining in the fourth.

Kinks were still in effect for Mike Martz’s offense, as mis-communications forced the Bears to punt the ball away. Brian Urlacher answered every Bears fan’s prayer as a fumble was caused, recovered by Tim Jennings, who was replacing Zackary Bowman.

Following the perfect-timed turnover, the Packers were called for two pass interferences as Chicago patiently drove down the field. A few hand-offs to Matt Forte then a game-winning kick by Robbie Gould was self-explanatory.

While it was not pretty at all, the Chicago Bears conquered their rivals in Green Bay.

Chicago Bears (3-0)
Green Bay Packers (2-1)

Jay Cutler: 16/27, 221 yards passing, one touchdown, one interception | 37 yards rushing on three attempts.
Aaron Rodgers: 34/45, 316 yards passing, one touchdown, one interception | 20 yards rushing on two attempts.

Matt Forte: 11 attempts rushing for 29 yards.
Brandon Jackson: seven attempts rushing for 12 yards.

Johnny Knox: four receptions for 95 yards.
Jermicheal Finley: nine receptions for 115 yards.

Brian Urlacher: nine tackles.
Tramon Williams: seven tackles, one sack.

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