The Blackhawks can finally move forward from everything last season. Opening night is over the banner is raised now it is time to just play hockey, and last night we saw what this team can actually do when they are pushed up against the wall early on. Being down by a goal when Niklas Hjalmarsson took that penalty for that nasty hit on Jason Pominville the Blackhawks continued to fight back killing the five minute major. Nick Leddy early in the second period tied up the game. Congrats kid on your first NHL goal.

Then the Hossa show started. On a break away in the second period Marian Hossa wound up like he was going to take a slap shot pulled his stick back and with pin point accuracy shot a laser  underneath the world class goaltender Ryan Miller. Oh, but wait it wasn’t over just yet. In the 3rd period Boss Hoss got another breakaway opportunity and didn’t waste this chance either, going glove side right above the shoulder buried the shot for his second goal of the night.  Hossa is +4 in the first 3 games with 5 points.

Cory Crawford got the start to give Turco a night off which I actually believe he was giving him the night off because we still haven’t won with Turco in net, but either way Crawford looked nervous giving up goals in the first  2 minutes to open the game. As the game moved on though relaxed and took care of his business to get his second career win in the NHL, good for you kid. The Sabers had a couple of good late chances but Crawford shut them all down.

This is what we’ve all be expecting from the Hawks since game one. They came out looked bad to start the game and the mustache behind the bench righted the ship. Kane opens the scoring and Hossa decided to finish it. Last night they hit and out skated the Sabers and that’s what they will have to do every night if they want to put a winning streak together. At one point last night in the second period the Hawks where out shooting the Sabers 15-3 and that’s more like the puck possession game we’ve all grown to love.

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