Just another week in the NFL, where picking games becomes increasingly random and pointless each week. Underdogs have dominated the season, beating both the spread and winning the actual games. This weeks slate of games is interesting at least, though interesting match-ups hasn’t led to good games that often this season.

Seattle at Chicago (Bears -7)- I have a hard time believing the Bears can win any game by a touchdown, but Seattle is a disaster on the road, so this is the week to do it. With Cutler back in action the Bears will easily move to 5-1, and should be able to cover as well.

MIAMI - OCTOBER 04: Running back Ronnie Brown  and Quarterback Chad Henne  of the Miami Dolphins runs against the New England Patriots at Sun Life Stadium on October 4, 2010 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Miami at Green Bay (no line)- Because of Aaron Rodgers’ concussion, there is no line for this game. I’ll take the Dolphins to win though. The Packers injuries are just too much right now, losing Clay Matthews hurts the defense a ton, and even if Rodgers plays he is missing Jermichael Finley, his favorite target. This game might come down to special teams, and the Packers are the only team worse in that area than the Dolphins.

San Diego at St. Louis (Rams +7.5)- With Norv Turner fighting for his job, and the annual mid-October push coming, the Rams are probably going to be big victims here. Plus, the Rams showed their true ability last week against Detroit, and it wasn’t pretty.

Baltimore at New England (Patriots -3)- This seems like a classic Patriots domination game. They are coming off the bye, just got rid of their clubhouse cancer, and are playing a Ravens team that kicked their butts last postseason. The Ravens are making quite the case as the best team in the NFL though, which makes it a bit harder to pick the Pats, but I’m going with them anyway.

Detroit at NY Giants (Giants -8)- The Bears gave the Giants their swagger back, and the Lions look to be another victim this week. The Lions finally put it together last week, but they are running into a buzz saw this week.

Atlanta at Philly (Eagles -3)- Right now the Falcons are the best team in the NFC, but that could easily change by the end of Sunday. The Eagles seem to play well no matter which quarterback starts, though Vick obviously presents more of an issue for opposing defenses. I think the Falcons pull out a close win here.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh (Steelers -13)- Peyton Hillis is the breakout player of the season so far, but he is facing his toughest obstacle yet. The Steelers are coming off a loss, are getting their QB back, and facing Colt McCoy. Steelers might win by four touchdowns.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay (Bucs +4.5)- Something isn’t quite right with the Saints right now, and something is very right with the Bucs. They aren’t the most dominating team, but they stick around and make plays when it really counts. I’ll still take the Saints to win, but Tampa isn’t going to lose by more than a field goal.

Kansas City at Houston (Texans -4)- It seems like we all overrated the Texans after week one, and they haven’t played well the last two weeks. The Chiefs still have most of the pieces, and just need a quarterback. I think the Chiefs steal a win here because of their defense.

NY Jets at Denver (Broncos +3)- Revis is obviously injured, and the Broncos are a pass only team, but I still give the Jets the advantage here. Kyle Orton isn’t mobile enough to escape the constant blitzes the Jets will bring, which should lead to him making some poor throws. The Jets offense will need to score touchdowns this week though, which could make this game closer than it should be.

Oakland at San Francisco (49ers -7)- What the hell, Singletary finally gets his win (against the spread too).

Dallas at Minnesota (Vikings -1.5)- Neither of these teams is interested in playing. The Cowboys have obviously quit on their coach, but they are so talented that they stick around in games, and will probably go on a winning streak right after they are out of playoff range. The Vikings are one more loss away from imploding, but also just one win away from being right back into the NFC North race.

Indianapolis at Washington (Redskins -3)- This line quickly shifted to the Colts side, for obvious reasons. Peyton Manning on Sunday night is money in the bank.

Tennessee at Jacksonville (Jags +3)- The Titans obviously live off the run, but this week they would be smart to pass a little more. The Jags are 29th against the pass, and 13th against the run. While Chris Johnson could still easily run wild, this would be the week to boost Vince Young’s confidence with 25 pass attempts rather than his usual 17-20.

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