The Chicago Bears got back on track last week with a 23-6 win over the dismal Carolina Panthers. It wasn’t pretty, but in the NFL a win is a win.

While the Bears might not look like a Super Bowl contender yet, they just keep winning. The Bears host the Seattle Seahawks Sunday, and look to improve their record to 5-1 on the season.

With each week gone by, the Bears continue to try and prove to the NFL that they are for real. Eventually the media will pick up on the Bears, if they continue to win.

Jay Cutler is back in the starting lineup for the Bears this week, much to the joy of the fans. Last week we were entertained with the Todd Collins show, which was nothing more than a disaster. Collins threw for 32 yards and four interceptions in the first half.  Caleb Hanie replaced Collins, and the Bears cruised to the win.

With Cutler being back, the Bears offense becomes more dangerous. The playbook will be opened up more, and we will actually see the ball moving down field.

Seattle comes in with the 26th ranked overall defense in the NFL. The Bears offense, who has looked great at times will look to take advantage of Seattles defense.  The Seahawks defense is ranked 31st in passing, which seems to be the perfect cure for Cutler who is coming back this week.

Cutler struggled against the Seahawks last season, but he connected with Devin Hester in the final minutes to win the game. This season it’s been a different tune so far for Cutler and the passing game.

Look for Cutler to carve up the Seahawks secondary early and often. Although the Bears running game got going this week, I’m positive the passing game will be a thing to watch for the Bears.

Seattles run defense is top five in the NFL, and Chicagos run offense has struggled through the first six weeks. Lovie and Co. would be smart to attack the Seattle secondary before trying to establish the run. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears think opposite.

The front seven for Seattle will look to do what the Giants did to the Bears, get to Cutler and make his day end early. It’s up to the Bears offensive line to show they aren’t really that bad of a line. Cutler needs good protection and he can make things happen.

Seattle has struggled a lot of offense this season, and with the Bears defense playing great, it could be a long day for the Seattle offense. Led by Matt Hasselback, the Seahawks might look to establish the run game early with newly acquired running back Marshawn Lynch.

The Bears could be without Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs who hasn’t practiced all week. If Briggs cant go, linebacker Brian Iwuh will get the nod. The former Jacksonville Jaguar played when Briggs got hurt in Carolina last week. Seattle might look his way on a lot of rushes, trying to avoid Brian Urlacher. If Briggs can’t play, the Bears will be hurting in his spot.

Seattle will look to hit Chicago in the mouth early in the game, and build off that. The Bears can’t let that happen, and need to continue to play good football.

With a win on Sunday the Bears have a chance to establish themselves as a good team and gain the respect they deserve. It’s just up to them to prove it.

Three Keys to Victory.

Defensive line needs to continue to play well. Last week was a glimpse of what could be for the Bears defensive line. A talented one that hasn’t played to their ability for most of 2010. Julius Peppers had an interception and was in the backfield for most of the game. Peppers being double teamed will lead to opportunities for other members on the line.

Special Teams could decide the game. If the Bears aren’t dominating on either side of the ball, special teams will need too. Including the return game, the Bears will have to be ready to play.  Win the battles on special teams and this game can be a good one for the Bears.

Offensive line must protect. Jay Cutler got wrecked his last time out with this offensive line. He doesn’t want a repeat of that this Sunday. Some nice protection and blocking will lead to big things for the Bears.


Bears 26, Seahawks 13


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