is reporting the Chad Pennington will miss Thursday’s crucial game against the Chicago Bears, due to a conflict involving a rap battle. The Miami Dolphins released a statement earlier in the week saying Pennington was injured in Sundays win against the Tennessee Titans, and would miss the remainder of the season.

A report floating around is now stating that Pennington will not only miss Thursdays game, but the remainder of the season to pursue his rap career.

Pennington has recently signed with popular music label DefJam, and has been challenged to a rap battle Thursday night. The Battle will take place in the hard knock streets of Des Moines, Iowa. He will debut under the name “Blood Bath”.

Pennington selected Iowa as the spot for the battle because of it’s scenery. “It’s amazing there. When the sun-sets, it’s like watching Michael Vick score six touchdowns in a game. It brings a tear to my eye” stated Pennington, who is excited to make his rapper debut.

During his NFL career, Pennington found a love for music. He rocked out to Creed and Godsmack in the Jets locker room. It got so annoying that it’s rumored to be the reason for Curtis Martin retiring. Martin and other teammates couldn’t handle Chad’s musical selection. After a loss at home to rival New England Patriots, Chad decided to do his post game ritual of blasting “With Arms Wide Open”. A few of his teammates frustrated after the loss, decided enough was enough and broke Chad’s boom box. Pennington responded by giving the team the silent treatment the rest of the season. It lasted all 14 remaining weeks.

Just earlier in the month, Pennington showed off his skills to his teammates at a recent practice. Pennington performed “Lose Yourself” by popular rapper Eminem. In the video below, Pennington graces the Dolphins with his angel like voice and smooth moves.

It is uncertain if Pennington will ever return to the NFL. With a voice and enthusiasm like his, I would take my talents to the rap game as well.


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