In Chicago, the opposite opinions have become reality.

Faithful of the Windy City have come to the realization that, pleasantly, the Chicago Bears are definite playoff contenders. The coach who had fans rooting against their own team just so he could be fired has now secured a ballot of respect throughout his own league. In an entirely different sport, the brand new skipper brought in earlier this off-season had fans jumping for joy, but all has turned around.

Those two coaches, of course, are Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears and Tom Thibodeau of the Chicago Bulls. Who would’ve thought?

Following a 107-78 blowout at home versus the Orlando Magic, Derrick Rose and his squad went on the road to face the Beasts of the East in the Boston Celtics. Well, let’s just pray that true colors weren’t on display.

Overall, Chicago picked up where they left off with their normal second and fourth quarter surges of brilliance, while becoming a poster-board for the first and third periods.  However, while watching this game, a disturbing factor in the Bulls’ performance found it’s way into my hatred.

Noticeably, the Bulls looked unusually undetermined and showed little effort at times. In a blue collar city like Chicago, not to mention home of the most die-hard fans in all of the world, this is considered fundamental flaws.

Speaking of fundamentals; the Bulls didn’t have any of their own to show for.

At the free throw line, Chicago shot 73.5 percent, including two bricks off the rim at the line with during the short stints of a tie. Moreover, the team who prides themselves off rebounding and defense found themselves getting physically outplayed on the boards. There were many dropped rebounds and multiple times that one Celtic dominated a huddle of three Bulls while the latter stared at the sky, as if waiting for the ball to magically land in their grasps.

Offensively, the possessions were horrible. It’d be a privilege to call it such.

One man would run up court on a fastbreak, only to hold onto the ball with no movement whatsoever and try to shoot a deep two, with men draped across his chest.

This cannot be put on the players by all means, as the lack of strategy and flow is solely on the coaching staff. The same effort was put into all phases of the game by the Bulls, while Boston exerted all their energy into running Chicago up and down the court.

Granted, you could call this an angry fan’s rant, but at least the unexpected return of the Monsters of the Midway shines among the fading lights of Chicago.

Chicago Bulls

 posmin fgm-a 3pm-aftm-a+/-offdeftotastpfsttobsbapts
C. BoozerF21:12 4-100-04-6-2102203220012
L. DengF38:04 5-133-42-4-1206642100115
J. NoahC38:46 5-80-04-7-16371013021214
K. BogansG12:33 0-10-10-0-130110001000
D. RoseG36:19 7-171-55-5-2903382040020
R. Brewer 29:18 2-40-02-4-31122010006
T. Gibson 26:20 3-80-04-4+1144812030010
C. Watson 11:49 2-51-23-3+150001100008
K. Korver 14:18 2-60-10-0+10001000004
O. Asik 08:26 1-20-01-1+11120300113
J. Johnson 01:47 0-00-00-0+30000000000
B. Scalabrine 01:07 0-00-00-0+30000100000
Total 24031-74 5-13    25-34 9253418174122492
 41.9%38.5% 73.5% team rebs: 9total to: 13

Boston Celtics

P. PierceF32:258-160-32-2+1703303000018
K. GarnettF33:117-110-06-6+280171761201020
S. O’NealC19:585-60-02-4+914526010112
R. AllenG35:565-120-24-4+2701111110014
R. RondoG34:446-110-00-0+29246192330012
G. Davis 22:113-60-00-0+12240512206
M. Daniels 25:523-70-02-4-170221200108
S. Erden 19:393-30-01-2-132240301007
N. Robinson 13:242-61-30-0-150110001005
V. Wafer 01:471-30-10-0-31010000012
L. Harangody 00:530-00-00-0-30000000000
A. BradleyDNP – Coach’s Decision
Total 24043-811-917-22 8364429237942104
 53.1%11.1%77.3% team rebs: 8total to: 9

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