Ding dong the witch’s consecutive games started record may be in jeopardy. That is, if he will even get the chance to sit out of the game anytime in the near future. The Vikings-Giants game is currently on hold due to an issue with the Metrodome. The inclement weather caused the game to be postponed to Monday night as a regional game.

However, that decision is up in the air at this moment.

News broke this morning around 8:00 AM EST that the Metrodome’s bubble roof has collapsed due to heavy, wet snow in Minneapolis. The bubble of the dome has caved in due to the weight of the snow. Currently the Metrodome’s signature “Puffy” roof has sunk in, due to the deflation.

Officials have claimed that there is also a puncture in the Roof, bringing the bubble down from its normal height. Officials have stated that the sky is visible from inside of the dome. In the region there has been up to 2 feet of snow up to this point. Snow has brought the roof down a couple times in the past. Currently there is damage to two triangular roof panels, the corner panels on the north end of the stadium.

The Metrodome is not a structurally rigid home. Since it is an inflatable dome, air pressure was responsible for keeping the dome up. Nobody knows when they intend to inflate the dome back up. The turn around on this maintenance isn’t known at the moment either.

Favre is currently nursing an injured shoulder and his consecutive games started streak is in jeopardy . Prior to the Metrodome collapsing, Favre had 31 extra hours to rest his shoulder. He may find himself with even more time to recover.

Keegan Rush

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