It’s been an interesting year in the NFL, to say the least. In honor of the parity and confusion that is the NFL, I present to you the headlines you never thought you’d see entering week 15 of the NFL Season.

Brett Favre set for tests with streak over — ESPN

We all knew it would happen eventually, but you began to wonder if and when. After his spectacular 2009 campaign ended with a narrow loss in the NFC Championship game, Favre had to be convinced to come back for a 2010 season. Now, finally, he’s wishing he didn’t.

It’s no cinch, but Bears can Clinch — ESPN Chicago

That’s right folks, the Bears have an opportunity to clinch the NFC North with two weeks remaining in the NFL Regular Season. With the Packers taking such great strides in improvement the last few years and the Vikings coming off an impressive season, the Bears were given little chance at success at the beginning of the season. Some Chicago fans are wishing the season never happened, believe it or not, in desperate attempts to rid the franchise of Lovie Smith.

Grossman over McNabb for rest of Redskins’ season — Yahoo News

There’s not much else to say about this one. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan appears to be needing a scape-goat, and since McNabb hasn’t willed the team to victory week in and week out, the blame apparently falls on his shoulders. Beleaguered Rex Grossman will get the nod against the Cowboys in week 15.

Jets assistant suspended for rest of season over trip – DetNews.Com

By now, you’ve seen the footage. And for any personnel on the coaching staff who is not the Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator or Defensive Coordinator, any press is typically bad press. After supposedly asking people to help set up a wall to prevent a Dolphins’ gunner from making progress down the field on a punt, we have the biggest coaching scandal since, well, SpyGate2.

This is a Playoff Game –

What? In what world, let alone season, is a week 15 matchup of Colts Vs. Jaguars considered a playoff atmosphere? Well, in this season, with the Colts having as many difficulties as they have with the injury bug and Peyton Manning’s 3-game stretch where he looked more like Jake Delhomme, they are fighting for their playoff lives.

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