While Devin Hester broke Brian Mitchell’s all-time kick return record in just five seasons, with two more games remaining, the Chicago Bears displayed an entirely new mentality.

Brett Favre came out slinging with his usual attitude and hype, and usually the Bears would’ve changed their entire gameplan right then and there. However, to the credit of Mike Martz, balance was still in effect and Chicago’s intensity on defense kicked it up a notch.

What stood out to me personally, all credit given to everyone apart of this valiant effort, was Matt Forte and Major Wright. Both played exceptionally and displayed the ability to spark the team as an entire unit, Forte on offense and Wright on defense.

Section One: Major Wright

All favoritism aside, this kid has been playing his heart out. Along with Danieal Manning, the youthfulness and excitement was shown. Wright, however, continues to fight injuries, but his presence is undoubtedly felt with his hard-hitting and athleticism. On the topic of safeties, Chris Harris played great last night with a few sticks of his own that were key to the game, and his tackling has been spotty at best.

Section Two: Matt Forte

Following an amazingly-disappointing 2009 campaign, Forte continues to show durability and has a burst unlike ’09. Last night, though, the third-year-pro showed a different side of his talents.

As a running back lover, I understand the wear-and-tear that grinds on the tailback. After the Tulane University star’s 2008 rookie debut as a workhorse, it was apparent it took a toll on Forte. A natural finesse runner, against the Vikings Forte ran harder than I’ve seen him run by far, finishing runs and keeping his legs churning at all times. Even a few unexpected trucks on basically every drive after the first quarter.

Overall, the Chicago Bears showed me a key attribute I haven’t witnessed all year; the intense passion to win, and the self-confidence as a well-oiled machine as a team. All players finished every play and continued to hustle. It’s good teams that finish well, and the Bears continue to do that.

P.S. : Rookie defensive end Corey Wootton possibly ended Brett Favre’s stint, with Favre starting his first game somewhere around the the 1920’s with the AFL’s Houston Oilers.

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