Devin Hester’s 64-yard punt return for a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings set an all-time NFL record. This was Hester’s 14th return for a touchdown, breaking Brian Mitchell’s record of 13 touchdowns.

The astonishing thing about Hester breaking this all-time returns touchdown record, is that he broke it playing in 150 games less than Mitchell played in. Mitchell played 14 seasons, compared to Hester’s 5 to this point. The 64-yard return touchdown may have been the easiest of Hester’s career as he was virtually untouched up the right sideline.

This was the 2nd time Hester fielded a return during the game, he almost took the 1st one back for a touchdown as well. Vikings punter Chris Kluwe……do not kick the ball to that man ever again.

With Christmas 5 days away, don’t get Hester anything for Christmas….because he’s just going to return it.

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