When the final seconds tick off the clock in Atlanta tonight, the Chicago Bears and their fans will know who their opponent for the NFC Championship will be, provided they take care of business themselves tomorrow against the Seahawks. The Bears will either be heading to Atlanta to take on the Falcons in a place they rarely lose, or they will be hosting their divisional rival, the Green Bay Packers for the second time this season.

Which would you rather see?

Conventional wisdom would take the Green Bay matchup and a game at home, but there is nothing conventional about this scenario. First off, that requires rooting for the Packers, something even the most liberal of Bears fans have a hard time doing. Secondly, the thought of losing to Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay with a Super Bowl appearance on the line is a Bears fan’s worst nightmare.

However, the idea of Chicago and Green Bay meeting at Soldier Field with the ultimate prize on the line would be pretty cool, and maybe the Packers don’t scare you. I for one don’t like the matchup.

The prospect of going to Atlanta is hardly enticing. If you’ve been paying attention, you undoubtedly have seen the stat 20-2. That is Matt Ryan’s record at the Georgia Dome and this year it includes wins against the Ravens and Packers this season.

So Bears fans, what outcome are you hoping to see tonight? Would you like to see the Packers for a third time this season, this time at home for a chance to go to the Super Bowl? Or, would you rather see Green Bay lose tonight and be rid of them altogether, even if it means heading to Atlanta for the NFC Championship?

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