Enough chatter, time to kick the ball

We are 24 hours away from kick off of arguably the biggest sporting event the city of Chicago has ever seen, and it truly can’t come fast enough. The team, the media, and the fans alike wasted no time in putting the Seattle Seahawks behind them and shifting focus to the rival Green Bay Packers, the historic math-up, the battle to end all battles, the official bragging rights game of the NFC North, yet it seems like the start of the actual game, not the hysteria surrounding it, will never arrive.

I have seen every angle at this point. I have heard enough about the Packers defense and their blitzing Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson combo. I have heard enough about Aaron Rodgers and his dynamic offense. I have heard enough about the Bears offensive line concerns. I have heard enough about Jay Cutler and his decision making. I have heard enough about the capabilities of Devin Hester and how he could change the game. Julius Peppers, Tramon Williams, Greg Olsen, George Halas, Vince Lombardi, Greg Jennings, Brian Urlacher…we know the names.

I have simply heard enough. It’s time to kick the damn ball.

http://espn.go.com/I’ve seen the clip of the 1941 Championship between the Packers and Bears 11 too many times. I’ve seen all the predictions, prognostications, Swami b/s, and the like; rarely are the Bears chances held in high regard. I’ve seen all the clips about the border war, of which I am all too familiar having spent the first 17 years of my life living within walking distance of Illinois on the Wisconsin side in Kenosha.

I’ve seen enough. It’s time to kick the damn ball.

It’s what makes this time of year so fun, yet so maddening, especially when the team you cheer for enters a do-or-die game as the underdog. Beginning on Monday all fans were ready to tune in to the hype, and never was greater than with this single game.

Unfortunately there was very little to dissect after Monday, in my humble opinion. Both teams know what they want to do. Both teams know what the other wants to do. Most fans know what their team needs to do. So what is left to talk about (other than the fact that there is nothing to talk about).

It’s time to kick the damn ball and decide this thing.

As we approach the 24-hour mark until kickoff, I find myself trying to do anything that will distract me from thoughts of the game. I avoid like the plague the Milwaukee local news where ever since the Favre days in Green Bay, Bears fans calling Wisconsin home have known that the Packers rule over all else, even catastrophes. I will keep the laptop closed once this post is completed to avoid any of the additional story lines that may emerge and the ones I have seen countless times already.

It is no doubt a game that is deserving of all the dissection that has taken place, and I enjoyed every minute of it up to this point. But the weekend is upon us, and today is probably a good day to set all things Bears/Packers to the side, enjoy a nice Saturday with friends and family (maybe go to Home Depot to pick out some wallpaper), and when the sun comes up tomorrow morning regain that Bear/Packer focus and get yourself ready to truly enjoy something we may not see again for a long time, regardless of the outcome.

It will be something we will talk about for years to come.

Once again I leave you with this quote: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Gandhi bitches. Go Bears!

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