Chicago Bears 2011 Opponents, Breaking Down the Home and Away Schedule

We’re going to break down the 2011 opponents of the Chicago Bears. We have a long off-season ahead of us but, we can wake-up every morning and look forward to Cutler-vs-Neckbeard for all the marbles in 2011!

ProFootballWeekly has a full breakdown of all the NFL teams’ home and away opponents here.

Chicago Bears 2011 Home Opponents

Home: Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers

Of course you have the standard divisional home games vs Detroit, Green Bay and Minnesota. The good news is that the Bears were 3-0 vs divisional opponents at home in 2010. The Bears will face some stiff competition at home with games vs the Falcons and Chargers.

Matt Ryan is undefeated against the Bears in his career and Phillip Rivers of the Chargers has a “beef” with Jay Cutler from his days in Denver. It will be two interesting match-ups for sure. The home games fans are less worried about include facing the 1-15 Panthers, the Seahawks who were wholloped in the divisional playoff game, and the Chiefs who we’re pretty sure still play like the Chiefs. Chicago fans definitely received a good draw and got a batch of games that will be very entertaining. The Bears were 5-3 at home in 2010, hopefully we can see the Bears improve that next season.

Chicago Bears 2011 Away Opponents

Away: Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders

The Bears were 6-2 on the road this season however seem to have a tougher road schedule. The divisional games are always tough because they can go either way. Playing a divisional rival on the road is even tougher. The Bears will face the Drew Brees led Saints. Brees played this season through an injury and wasn’t at the same level of efficiency but expect him to be 100% healthy by this game. If the Saints can stay healthy, this can be a very difficult game for the Bears whose pass coverage has been mighty suspect. Hopefully Julius Peppers will re-align that thing on Drew’s face and we can all be happy that day. Closet Drew Brews fan, it was only a joke.

Tampa Bay is an up-and-coming team with a great quarterback in Josh Freeman. I see this as one of the games Bear fans look beyond and then are surprised when the Bucs jump out to a 14-0 start. Bears/Bucs games are always great since they used to be in the same division and meet twice a year before the division re-alignment.

The Bears will also travel to Philly to face Mike Vick. Bear fans have the bragging rights at the moment as they smoked the Eagles at Soldier field last season but home field advantage makes all the difference in big games. Finishing out the away opponents is the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders. Is it wrong of me to chalk up the Raiders game as a win? I like the nucleus of young talent on the team but I just don’t see them producing. At the very last, we’ll see a nice return or two by Jacoby Ford.

Last on the list and probably most important is Denver. Jay Cutler’s former team. Chicago hasn’t faced Denver since Cutler’s first season in the pre-season where he played the 1st quarter I believe and then came out. This is the game I am most excited about. A Bear fan should always thrive off a victory over Green Bay or Minnesota, but I think this will be the most satisfying victory of our road schedule, possibly our entire schedule. Bear fans would love nothing more then to shut-up the Denver fans who insist they got the better of the trade but we got some news for ya…..WITHOUT A NECKBEARD, KYLE ORTON IS NOTHING!


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