NBA2K11: Enhancing The Experience

For those who are fans of NBA 2K, there is much more to do with the game, than what comes bundled in the box.What else is there? Loads of homebrew patchers who nit pick every detail that goes into a game that emulates their favorite past time(or current-time). Those same modders collaborate with other modders to make their releases even better and some are nice enough to release their files for the world to see.

All Mods tested on the PC-DVD version of NBA2K11.

Description File Link Author
  1. All Cyberface, Sneaker,Arena, and global/texture mods should go into your NBA2K11 installation directory(usually located in C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA2K11\).
  2. Be sure to back up any file before you over-write it.
  3. All save files, rosters, draft classes, and game sliders save in your user folder by default(ie: C:\Users\ YOU \AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K11\, or C:\Documents and Settings\ YOU \Application Data\2K Sports\NBA 2K11\Saves
  4. Any changes and modifications are done at your own risk.
HD Arenas Mod Update
Download Various Artists
Classic HD Arenas mod Download RICOY
Complete Dornas Pack *the ads on the sidelines* Download karlopb
Classic Teams Shoe Patch Download TIE-SHEN
Universal Crowd Download johndoe22
Stadium Feel Mod *not for slower systems* Download johndoe22
89-94 Total Bulls Stadium Download RICOY
Chicago Bulls Jersey Update with XX Download vik70r
All Jordan Cyberface Fix Download Araneth
Carlos Boozer Cyberface Download Mr. Bird
Kurt Thomas Cyberface Download ILY94
Derrick Rose Cyberface Download drose1

The beauty about NBA2K11 being a PC release is all within the game requirements. The specs are somewhat outdated and the game can play on a 4-5 year old computer.  The problem is with most systems, their personal specs are far better than what the game recommends. You can patch nearly every aspect to use mods with higher quality textures, and added effects. These mods will make the game run worse on slower machines. Personally, I have had no trouble after modding every possible file with higher resolution graphics and running the game at the highest settings possible. In fact, I still get over 100 frames per second on a machine I built last year. Your mileage may vary, although I hope everyone tries a few mods to gauge your own interest.

The only mod that is really left on a Bulls fan wishlist, would be the Stacey King/Neil Funk commentary. “Neil, quit drinking the haterade!”

Note that 2K11 for consoles have different methods for modding and hacking. Some which require mod chips, and slipstreaming updated files onto a backup of the game’s disc. I’m not sure if its legal, or how stable the console hacks work, so I’m not going to make a guide on how to mod the 360, Playstation 3 or Wii versions.  However, please share your experiences modding, PS3, XB360, PC ect on the forums in the gaming section.

Special thanks to Moddingway for being a great modders resource, and the NBA Live Series Center(yes, they play 2K11 too) for bringing modders together for many years, and hopefully more to come. Also, don’t forget to check out the Joakim Noah, Kurt Thomas, Ronnie Brewer, and so many Bulls past and present players with heaps of fixes and updates.

Chris Snow

Chris Snow is a writer for ChiCitySports. Born and raised inside the city of Chicago, he has been following the NBA for 30 years. Chris is an active participant on this site's forums, where you can feel free to talk shop and express yourself.

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