No need for panic just yet

Blackhawk's Captain Jonathan Toews

Many fans are feeling a bit negative at a time like this. However, the Chicago Blackhawks aren’t quite out of the picture just yet. Several factors should be taken into consideration before fans decide to give up their hope. I am going to give three reasons why the Chicago Blackhawks shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

Reason number one is the standings. The Blackhawks are just five points out of the #4 seed which would earn them home ice. The Hawks also have games in hand on the teams ahead of them which will help out as well. A nice three game win streak puts them into the #4 — #6 seed.

Reason number two is the trade deadline. The Blackhawks may not have as much depth as they did last year, but the deadline is when the Blackhawks can bounce back. It can be hard to replace some of the players we lost, however there are players available who can help. A recent acquired player in Mike Frolik will help as he brings more top 6 depth to the squad. Also some teams haven’t decided whether they will become buyers or sellers. That can also help the Blackhawks because if teams decide to become sellers they could fall out of the playoff race.

Reason number three is experience. Assuming some Western Conference teams become sellers the Hawks can inch closer to a Playoff seeding, if not I expect some moves at the deadline which will bring in more depth to the team. However, the Blackhawks are a team that will fight to the finish, and will earn that playoff spot. Once they have that they have proven they can succeed in the post-season. The team has the leadership and players to get back to where they want to be.

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