What Happens if the Bear’s Lose Tice?

If you haven’t heard the news, the Tennessee Titans are interested in interviewing Bear’s offensive line coach Mike Tice for their open offensive coordinator position. The Titans are undergoing some changes right now and are bringing in people to try to fill out the coaching new coaching staff. Tice is definitely on their radar.

The Bears do not have to allow Tice to interview with the Titans because the move is not for a head coaching position (teams have the right to refuse interviews for their assistants currently under contract if the move isn’t into a head coaching position) and their decision will come today.

So would it be a good idea for the Bears to allow Tice to be interviewed with the possibility that he could get a job somewhere else and not be with the Bears next season? Tice did a nice job with the Bear’s offensive line and his work with the offensive line is clearly not finished. If he was allowed to depart it could set the Bear’s offensive line back and that’s something that they cannot afford to have happen.

Chicago hasn’t had an offensive line coach like Tice in quite a while and his work last year helped keep the offensive line together and at least playing somewhat respectable despite the fact they allowed fifty plus sacks on Bear’s quarterbacks last season. His work in putting together a patchwork offensive line in Dallas is virtually something of a legend from this past season and had he not been on the Bear’s staff, no one else would have thought to do what he did.

The Bears have struggled with their offensive lines for the past few seasons so Tice being there should be considered to be something that they take advantage of for as long as they can. Granted, there may be some hard feelings between the team and Tice but the Bears need to look out for their best interests and so keeping Tice should be a top priority for them.

The Bears are heading into a very important offseason and need someone like Tice to help guide them through the next few months in helping them to find good offensive linemen that can become a part of their future. The Bears (speaking in particular of Jerry Angelo) have struggled finding good talent at all offensive line positions in the draft so having Tice available to offer advice would be key.

If (and when ) the Bears do bring in some needed additional talent on the offensive line, Tice would be a great teacher for those new players and would help get them up to speed much quicker than anyone the Bears were forced to bring in on the cuff after Tice leaves. Stability is important in any organization and the Bears really need it if they want to do as well or better than they did last year.

So, the Bears should choose not allow Tice to interview for the job and should keep him around for at least one more season. Right now he is under contract through the 2011 season and should keep him around to help them develop the offensive line and make it much better for next season.

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