The Week began with a 40 pitch bullpen session from Jake Peavy. After the session Peavy announced that he felt fine other than some expected soreness. Joe Cowley reported that His movement looked good but the velocity was a bit down. When asked about his throwing Peavy said, “I’m throwing just as hard as I ever would throw getting ready for camp. I’m progressively throwing harder and a little more.” The decision had been reached earlier in the week that Chris Sale would be in the Bullpen to start the year and when Ozzie was asked who the candidates were he said, “We have 3 or 4, but I can’t remember any of their names.” Peavys next planned pitching would be on Sunday, in Alabama as he had to go to his grandmother’s funeral.

Joe Cowley heard from Ozzie that he wanted the line-up to go, “Pierre, Beckham, Rios, followed by Dunn, PK, Q, AJ, Missile and Morel. He wants speed at the top.” When asked if the Sox could go all year without distractions Matt Thornton opined, “It’s possible. I’ve also heard it’s possible for a pig to fly.”

02.19 – 02.20
We found out that Adam Dunn has not swung a bat since the end of last season, to which he responded, I’ve tried it both ways. I just feel like it works better for me.” Ozzie didn’t see an issue with it as he didn’t work out much during his career. But, Dunn did explain that this is the most excited hes ever been in his career.

Jake Peavy threw his first batting practice session and one of the hitters he faced, Jordan Danks, said the movement was good on his pitches. Mark Gonzales added that Peavy increased his velocity during this session. Peavy said of his session, “Today was a big step, putting more on the ball than I have. Without any pain or setback. No different than any other guy.”

Buehrle weighed in on the Opening Day starter debate, “If they come to me, obviously, what am I going to do? Tell them no.”, if Buehrle was given the choice, Opening Day starter would be Danks. Carlos Quentin came into camp a little lighter, and a little more at ease.

Chris Sale will sit down and map out an exhibition game schedule Peavy threw his 2nd Batting Practice session, he was throwing harder and that he was mixing in more breaking pitches. The session lasted 2 simulated innings; facing Vizquel, Escobar and Milledge. Each “Inning” consisted of 2 20 pitch sequences.

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