In bizarre news, a man has been arrested after running around naked in a restaurant parking lot screaming about Jay Cutler’s dedication.

I question this man’s dedication. He allowed himself to be tackled by a female deputy. That is almost worse then being tackled by an injured Hunter Hillenmeyer.

CHICAGO (WSCR) – In a bizarre string of events, a naked man running through a restaurant parking lot was reportedly questioning the dedication of Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler.

A man was arrested in Kane County after he was spotted but naked running through a restaurant parking lot screaming and yelling obscenities and threats, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The man was allegedly complaining that he was being ignored and was demanding answers on whether Jay Cutler gave up during the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.

A female Kane County sheriff’s deputy spotted the man about 5:30 p.m. Feb. 19 at Sorrento’s restaurant on Illinois Route 64 in Maple Park, said the paper.

“Do you think Jay Cutler gave up?” he reportedly shouted which was stated in a police report.

The officer said that when she attempted to detain the suspect, he responded by hitting her in the throat with his free hand, according to the report obtained by the paper. She was able to subdue the suspect by tackling him until another officer was able to put him in restraints.

The officer wrote in her report that she talked with the suspect who said he did this because, “no one listens to him and he thought it would get everyone’s attention,” according to the paper.

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  1. did gave up but great season for us and the danm packers only won the superbowl just because of brett’s legend in greenbay like they want rangers to be the new face of the packers so people can forget about brett seriouly

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