Derrick Rose to Donate $1,000 for Every Point to Benefit Japan

Stories like this always make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This is really cool of these guys to be doing this, as always anything for a good cause will gain publicity on our front page.

Derrick Rose, and other NBA players, will be donating $1,000 for every point they score to benefit Japan. The earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11 that caused many deaths and damages to the country have received overwhelming support and aid. This is just another occurrence of athletes reaching out for a good cause. This will last from this Friday through Sunday, so let’s all hope that Derrick Rose goes off and puts up some career highs!

Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is among 20 NBA players who will donate $1,000 for every point they score to a relief fund benefiting recovery from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan.

Along with fellow All-Stars Al Horford of the Atlanta Hawks, Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Pau Gasol of the Lakers and other players from Rose’s agency, Wasserman Media Group, the MVP candidate will make donations based on games held from Friday through Sunday. Rose’s donation will be based on his scoring in Friday night’s Bulls home game against the Grizzlies.

The effort is being led by medical relief organization Direct Relief International, which has formed the Japan Relief and Recovery Fund with the Japanese American Citizens League.

Rose is averaging 24.9 points per game this season


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