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What is a Gumpy Jox? Well message boards in general carry a wide range of characters. Sports forums are no exception, bringing out wild debates, endless head scratching and the true colors of so many fans.

Do you know any of the Gumpy Jox’s?

(The Jox will be updated with new characters regularly)




No, this isn’t SPAM. Three lines of text, laden with grammatical errors, the Cheapjerseysonline wants one thing, and one thing only, to sell you a cheap jersey. Cheapjerseysonline is a 4ft tall manly woman in a developing country with a smelly foot fetish. Cheapjerseysonline craves White Castles by the 20 sack, but they are stuck eating the frozen sliders. When Cheapjerseysonline is taking a break from spamming sports sites, they are arguing with youtube members about China being superior to the United States in videos that have cats playing the piano. If you buy a cheap jersey from Cheapjerseysonline, you will instantly have a passport charged to your credit card, along with 12 tickets onto a freight boat to Canada. You may receive the cheap jersey at some point, but in your disappointment, if you order a Derrick Rose jersey, don’t be surprised if it has the number 5 on it with the NBA logo sewn on backwards.


Please check out the other Gumpy Jox profiles here.

Also don’t forget to join us at the forums (here), I swear, we are not as crazy as the Jox make us out to be (or are we?)


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