Gumpy Jox: Nostradumbass

What is a Gumpy Jox? Well message boards in general carry a wide range of characters. Sports forums are no exception, bringing out wild debates, endless head scratching and the true colors of so many fans.

Do you know any of the Gumpy Jox’s?

(The Jox will be updated with new characters regularly)



The Nostradumbass

The Nostradumbass thinks they can see into the future and tell you how the season will end up. With comments like “book it” and “you’ll see” The Nostradumbass is the first to tell you that they were right and you were wrong, but then things go awry he disappears faster than a Rex Grosman hot streak.
The Nostradumbass bumps old threads with his or her predictions and occasionally quotes themselves in an attempt to get credit for a well made gamble. The Nostradumbass shares traits with the Statistician and the Scared Troll.


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