Peavy’s first start

Peavy’s first start was deemed a success by everybody; AJ, who caught Peavy said, “It was a good outing for Jake, and hopefully he can build on it.” DH Adam Dunn, who had a game of his own said, “He’s going to only get better”. The only one who could find anything to complain about was Peavy, I can’t get excited about six innings and four runs. That ain’t me”. Through his 6 innings the former NL Cy Young winner surrendered 4 earned runs, 2 the result of questionable defense, but was able to work over the miscues.

Ozzie opted to pull Peavy after throwing 87 pitches, to which Ozzie said, “I don’t want to take any chances, He tried to talk to me about staying in the game. We have to be careful. It’s only one game. We don’t have to hurry with him. He threw the ball good.” When asked about the innings load Peavy said “I felt like I could have pitched deeper … I felt strong and certainly didn’t want to come out”. Of the 87 pitches Peavy threw 64 for strikes and hit as high as 93 on the Radar.

With the 6 man rotation now in place Peavy will not start again until Wednesday against Fausto Carmona.

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