David Ortiz- Kevin Gregg Fight Video

Jul 8, 2011 – If I were to pick a fight with a major leaguer, David Ortiz probably wouldn’t be my first choice. In fact, he’d probably be on the low-end of the list — Ortiz is big, packs a powerful punch and any speed advantage I may hold would be quickly eliminated if he could land just one shot. But Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg decided to make Big Papi the target of his ire, picking a fight with the Boston Red Sox designated hitter during Friday night’s game.

During a late at bat, Gregg twice pitched Ortiz well inside, drawing a reaction after the second one. After Ortiz popped out, Gregg motioned to the Red Sox slugger as he was leaving the batter’s box, essentially telling him to get on with it and run down to first base. Papi didn’t like the gesture and responded in kind, charging the mound and throwing punches wildly. However, nothing connected and the fight quickly devolved into your typical baseball scrum, with benches cleared and a lot of shoving.



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