The lockout is driving me Mirotic! Well, I shouldn’t use that as a pun, because others may not get the pronunciation right. You may or may not know that the FIBA EuroLeague Basketball championships are being played right now.

The official FIBA page is kind of flaky, maybe that has something to do with international filters? I’m not sure, that’s why I just took a screen-shot of the site just in case. Take a look here at the European Championships scoring leaders, through 4 games.

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Does that name look familiar to any of you? Well, if you didn’t catch it last month, the Bulls acquired draft rights for Nikola Mirotic, a pick that required the Bulls to trade down a few spots. He is absolutely tearing it up in a tournament that boasts the best U20 FIBA players. His average jumped after taking over the game against Ukraine, in a come from behind victory for Spain. He scored 41 points on 10/16 shooting and grabbed 14 rebounds.

Aside from my intended pun, his name is not Mirotic, like the word neurotic. It’s more like, Me – row – tish ,  although it’s possible he might go the same route as Nene Hilario, and we won’t have to bother. He’ll go by Nikola, and we wont need a RiCola to keep us from coughing up wins.


Hopefully we can get some streams posted to the tournament games in the forum soon, and check out some more of, what looks to be the next Toni Kukoc(at least from the Bulls standpoint.)


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