Adam Dunn to retire?

“If I’m not having fun anymore, I’ll go home, Flat out. I’ll go home. I mean that. Swear to goodness.” Not exactly what you want to hear from your new 56 million dollar DH. But that was what Adam Dunn said when being interviewed for a Yahoo! Sports article.

At first read you’re like “WHAT THE FUCK!!!, all that money and you’re just gonna pack it up at the first sign of problems!” But as you continue to read you find that that is not exactly what he was saying.

“How many games can you play doing this? This is ridiculous.” Dunn was clearly venting frustrations from his horrendous season. “I’ll have a good couple of games, and then … phhhhhh, I can’t get hot.”  

He is a player that has succeeded at every level his whole life and now is being booed everywhere he goes and feels although he just can’t get it started. I’m sure sucking and being forced to talk about it can take all the fun out of it “It’s been really hard, you’ve got to keep it in perspective. It’s a game. It’s baseball. No matter how you look at it, it’s still just that.”

Clearly, when he isn’t enjoying the game anymore he’ll retire, but at this point, “It’s not going to happen, Zero chance. Zero.”

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