Chicago Cubs third baseman, Aramis Ramirez, has made it known the past couple of months that he does not want to be traded before the July 31 trade deadline. However, Ramirez seemed to soften his stance on being traded after Thursday loss to Milwaukee Brewers.

When asked again Thursday if he would waive his no-trade clause, Ramirez was not as sure about what to do. Ramirez responded to reporters by saying, “Nobody has come forward from the team, [and said] ‘We want to trade you,'” Ramirez said after the Brewers completed a sweep of the Cubs. “That’s only in the media. [GM] Jim [Hendry] hasn’t said anything about trading me. Or what’s the other guy, [team president Crane] Kenney? Nobody has asked me to waive my no-trade clause. Hey, nobody wants me. They want good players. If they come to me with a trade, we’ll see. But nobody has talked to me about it.”

It was reported that Ramirez and the Cubs had discussed the possibility of Ramirez staying with the club beyond 2011. The Cubs should be considering keeping Ramirez because power hitting third-baseman are hard to come by in the league now. The Cubs were not looking to move Ramirez Thursday night, according to a major league source.

However, if the Cubs plan on rebuilding Ramirez doesn’t think he fits in that plan.

“That’s not a secret, everybody knows [I want to stay],” Ramirez said. “But if they’re looking to rebuild, I can’t fit in, so we’ll see.”

However, Ramirez’s told Fox Sports that Ramirez comments did not come out they way he meant it. And the Cubs third baseman “Isn’t going anywhere”.

Ramirez’s comments were made after being swept by the rival brewers. After pitcher Carlos Zambrano called for change in the organization Wednesday night, Ramirez backed him up Thursday.

“Of course, when you’re 20 games under .500 something is not right,” Ramirez said. “You can’t point to just one thing. Point to pitching, defense, offense. I believe that’s the GM and the front office’s job. But of course there’s going to be changes. We don’t play the way we like to. We’re 21 games under .500 so obviously there will be changes.”


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