Skip Bayless Praises Cutler, Bears, on Twitter


With the Bears enjoying their day off from practice in Bourbonnais, it has been a relatively slow news day for Bears fans. While roaming the Twitter-verse desperately looking for any sort of Bears talk, I encountered some Skip Bayless Bears love. I was taken back when I read the words in my newsfeed from his account. Many relate Skip Bayless to his negative display towards a lot of professional athletes. When you go to Google and start to type the words “Skip Bayless is…” here are the results.

I have to say 5 of those 5 things sound like they could be true about Skip Bayless. I’ve never been too fond of him either. Jalen Rose once put him directly in his place as many fans wish they could.

That is why it came as a surprise when Skip Bayless was openly acknowledging the Bears and Jay Cutler on Twitter. I have never been more surprised to see Bears love coming from somebody. What’s next, is Trent Dilfer going to give Jay Cutler a bro-fist?




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