ChiCitySports is proud to announce the first Ultimate Bears Fan Contest! We’ll be searching the web for the biggest Bears fans. We’ll be giving away the following…

  • 1 Authentic Chicago Bears Jersey from ChiCitySports.Com (Winner will select player) 
  • 1 Chicago Bears T-Shirt from ChitownClothing.Com (Winner Selects Shirt) 
  • 1 Chicago Bears Poster courtesy of LikeFree.Org
  • 2 Chicago Bears Bumper Stickers from ChiCitySports.Com 
  • 3 Copies of Steve Delsohn’s Book “DA BEARS!” from ChiCitySports.Com 
Now you’re thinking, hey dude…how can I win one of these magnificent prizes? It’s easy. All you have to is leave a comment telling ChiCitySports why you’re the Ultimate Bears Fan.  Tell us about yourself, how long you’ve been a Bears fan, and why you’re the Ultimate Bears Fan. If you can provide a picture, youtube video, or any other sort of proof of your Chicago Bears fandom, it will help your chances in the contest!

We’ll announce the winners on Saturday, August 13th. This marks the day of the return of Bears football! They will be taking on the Buffalo Bills at 7:00 pm CT in their first pre-season game of the year.

Winner will select player on Chicago they want a jersey of.

Winner of T-Shirt will select Bears Shirt from ChitownClothing’s Bear T-Shirts. 

“DA BEARS!” Book by Steve Delsohn
Poster from LikeFree.Org
Chicago Bears Bumper Stickers

70 thoughts on “ChiCitySports Ultimate Bears Fan Contest”

  1. I have ALWAYS DREAMED to be able to see MY BEARS play football..up close and personal. There has never been enough money to allow me to do so. YOU WILL NEVER find any person ..MORE OF A FAN than I am…I WOULD PROUDLY WEAR ANY BEARS JERSEY…WOULD LOVE A FLAG TO HANG HIGH ON MY PORCH. I live in Va. ..where there are only cowboys, and skins fans..YET ..EVERYONE CAN HEAR ME CLEARLY YELLING MY HEAD OFF FOR MY BEARS !!!! AND WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT MY TEAM…BEAR DOWN CHICAGO BEARS !!! I WOULD LOVE TO BE THERE ON THE FIELD WITH MY BEARS ONE DAY,,,although I do not see that happ-n. I have too much medicine to pay be able to purchace any plane ticket or ticket to even get in to see my MIGHTY BEARS ..ALWAYS A TRUE BEARS FAN …THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME <3
    ~ I Am Brenda~ BEAR DOWN ~Rogers

  2. I’m the Ultimate Bears Fan because I have been declared so by the High Ditka. I climbed Mount Halas, slayed the Green and Yellow Dragon at the peak, and returned the Honey Bears to their village. After that the High Ditka said, well I guess you’re the shizz. He anointed me there with the Epic Sword of Hampton and the seven sacred oils of Sweetness. I’ve carried the mantle of Ultimate Bears Fan ever since. Some say it’s a burden. Others say it’s a privilege. I say it’s a way of life.

  3. Chicago Bears Cock Ring. Nuff said.

    And no, I will not show you pictures, who do you think I am, Brett Favre? 😉

  4. I’m the Ultimate Bears Fan because I have been a fan since I was 8 years old in 2004. I wasn’t just a fan in 2004, I was a superfan, I knew every player on the team by memory. My whole bedroom is filled with bears pennants, jerseys, autographs, posters and much more. Ive also been to multiple autograph signings. Now I currently live in TX when I moved from IL in 2007. Just because I moved does no mean I don’t support the team, I still by stuff all the time when I have the money. Now, last year I saved up money by myself to go to the bears vs. cowboys game, 600 dollars for tickets for the entire family. One other thing is my family is really not bears fans even though we are from chicago, they were rooting for the cowboys. I’m the ultimate bears fan because I support them no matter where I live, or where I am.

    My Bears youtube page:
    Desmond Clark video I made:

  5. Stephen Bingham

    Hi, I am the Ultimate bears fan as after nearly thirty years of supporting the mighty BEARS i am finally achieving my dream of getting to see them live in London against the Bucs. In order to do this i need to travel by bus, plane, taxi and tube. Not to mention the overnight stay in central london (which comes at a price !), and two days loss of pay ! All said and done I don’t care about any of this as long as I get to see my beloved Bears ! (hopefully wearing a cool ChiCitySports t-shirt 😉 Bear Down Chicago Bears !

  6. I am the biggest Bears fan because I am biased as hell. If its not news about the Bears I dont care. There is no other team IMO. I have lost hundreds of dollars betting on the Bears, I dont care, will never bet against the Bears. The Bears are as Chicago as it gets, Im all about that. I have blown of family and chicks to watch the game and probably wont post in CCS Bears IGT cause when Im in Bear mode I dont miss a play. Oh yeah and last year i convinced my brother to buy a 50 inch HDTV in time for the opening game.

  7. I’m the ultimate Bears fan because I was born in Chicago and was a huge Bears fan, but when I was 13 I had to move to St. Louis. I remained a Bears fan and actually turned a couple of my new friends into Bears fans. A lot of kids at my school were talking trash on the Bears before the 2006 Super Bowl, so I wore Bears jerseys or shirts everyday for two weeks before the Super Bowl and promised they would win. They didn’t, but I still stood up for my Bears. Now it’s 5 years later and I’m still a huge Bears fan and I even blog about them. I love the Bears so much, even when they make idiotic moves and don’t draft well. I will always be a Bears fan and so will my children someday.

  8. Hello, I’m the Ultimate bears fan because Ditka’s mustache has its own Facebook page!

    Bear Down!

  9. I’m the biggest bear fan because I have tolerated their non-sense and mismanagement for over 30 years.

  10. Stephen Letizia

    I am a huge bears fan living in cleveland and going to school in wisconsin. So all my friends are either packers or browns fans. Including my roommate, who is a huge packers fan. And let me tell you, browns and packer fans make even the most fair weather bears fan look like the ultimate fan. But anyway, ive never stopped wearing my bears colors proudly no matter where ia m. i cant tell you how much ive spent on jerseys and hats etc. I also watched the first six rounds of the draft this year to see who the bears picked. My friends call it crazy i call it being a fan. Me and my roommate are having a competition to see who can get the most bears/packers stuff for our apartment this year and i need all the help i can get. Im doing my best but i cant do it alone (hes as crazy as i am). The loser has to wear the other teams jersey when the play. so i cant lose this. ive been a bears fan for as long as i can remember and will be one until i die. (as long as jerry angelo doesnt run the franchise into the ground). BEAR DOWN!

  11. I proudly display a Bears FatHead Helmet in my living/family room. I am on the hunt for the perfect Bears rug for my apartment. I was so excited to join the Bears fan club last year, and sport that in my car. I also have Bears fuzzy dice in my car. I write with Bears pens, sport Bears-colored fingernails, and wear a Bears flip-flop necklace to work. I have a Bears #1 Fan license plate and continually buy tshirts and other gear. I may now live in Kansas, but the Bears will always have my heart.

  12. I am the biggest Chicago Bears fan you will ever meet. I paint my face orange and blue everygame. I live in MPLS,MN so there not on TV so i help pay my aunt so we can get the NFL ticket. Everytime there on im at my aunts house Orange jersey orange shorts orange socks orange underwear Orange face and blue neckless. Im a die hard Jay Cutler fan i have almost everything chicago bears in my room. including my Xbox Live GamerTag is “ILOVEJAYCUTLER6”. I love the Bears so much i will never bet against them. my family plays fantasy football and all i chose are Bears players. My dad took my and my bros to Vikings trianing camo(i dont know why) but you know me dressed all in orange i dont care if people stared at me think (WTH are you wearing) i think the same thing for them! I hate when people call Jay Cutler is quiter. Hes not a quiter its called getting hurt. And look hes polaying with Diabetes. I pray for him everyday hoping he will do good. I hope i win this contest and thanks to for puting this up so all of us can show how much we love Da Bears! Bear Down!

  13. I’ve ALWAYS and will ALWAYS be a diehard BEARS FAN!!!!!!! I was born and raised in Chicago until I turned 15 way back in 1994. I lived there when they crushed those stupid Patriots. That actually got me into following football and of course, I started hating those stupid Packers and BITCH FAVRE!! My parents then moved us out here to southern California and all the teams here SUCK!!!!!! All of my friends here support their Cali teams. We get into big arguments all the time. Especially about those FLAKERS and that stupid wannabe Mj KoBITCH!! They get really angry when I call him that. =) I’ve actually gotten into fistfights with a few strangers when they’ve heard me call him that. =) The only good Flaker is Phil, an original BULL!!!!!! Nobody comes close in comparison to the GREATEST, his airness Michael Jordan!!! He doesn’t even compare to Scottie!! I agree with bearsfanfillereste. We are DA BEARS FANS no matter where we live!

  14. Susan Reynolds

    I have been a Bears fan since before 1970 and have stayed a Bears fan through thick and thin. And there were a lot of thin years.I would love to go to Soldier field someday to watch a game but have asked for tickets for a Christmas present for forty years and still no luck.Best day so far this year was when they announced Football is Back!!!

  15. Jodi Herschelman

    I think I am the ultimate Chicago Bears fan for several reasons! I was born in 1980 in Chicago…I was 5 years old when I first starting watching Da Bears, if you do your math that would be our 1985-86 SuperBowl Winning season. I remember sitting w/my green sesame street tray and eating spaghettios watching the Super Bowl Shuffle tape over and over and over again (my parents had to buy another one)! I became obssessed w/ learning about the actual game the older I got. We moved to Dallas later and I remained loyal to my Bears and have kept my hate for the Packers, Cowboys, and well pretty much every other team. The Bears are apart of thee original 4 teams that created the NFL, they are the REAL deal. They are tough, strong, mean (when need be), loyal, they are ALWAYS the under-dog…all of this describes me and what I have had to endure in my life growing up & the obsticles I have had to face along the way. There is a love for da Bears that I have that deep rooted down to my core…didn’t know i could feel this way about a team, especially being a girl, lol. When we lost the NFC championship game, I cried, I turned my cell phone off and wouldn’t talk about football until the superbowl came around. My Bears worked so hard, pushed so hard, showed America that they are the real deal, I was so proud to say I am a Chicago Bear. I have never been able to attend a game at Soldier Field but I did get to see my Bears beat the Dallas Cowboys last year in September, it was AMAZING! I plan to finally attend Soldier field in November against the Lions. I would love to win something but either way being a Chicago Bears fan is a win for me! Thanks for this contest and BEARDOWN DA BEARS are SUPERBOWL Bound 2012 baby!!!!!!!!!

    find me on twitter @jodibeth21

  16. Being in Orlando, Florida, I have had opportunities to be fans of 3 nearby teams (Dolphins, Bucs, Jags), but obviously there’s no way they compete with my love of the Bears. I purchased a house last year, any my only requirement was a room with which I could create a Bears Man Cave. I got my wish, and it’s by far my fav. room in the house. Big Letters that spell “BEAR DOWN”, cutouts of most all of the 2010 team (that change every year), 4 jerseys of my current and past favorite players (Ditka, Payton, Lac, Cutler), Navy blue walls with an orange stripe (Lowe’s had OFFICIAL Bears colors), all the way down to a 3″ binder of Bears Football cards, a collage of the time I was able to go up to chicago to see the bears tear up the vikes in 2008, and another of my trip in 2006 to chicago to watch the superbowl at a bar on rush street in -20 degree weather, even though the game was in Miami, 4 hours away for me. I wanted to be with the true fans, because I’m a true fan. My wife isn’t, and she still can recite “Bear Down, Chicago Bears” because of my influence. If I win, you can be sure the prize is going to be displayed for all to see and admire! Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. Just like everybody else here I am a huge Bears fan, been so my whole life as my dad was a Bears fan as well. Unlike everbody here I dont want the jersey. I specifically want the book. My wife and I are having our first child, a little girl, this Dec. And I have started a collection of Chicago Bears books for her. I plan on reading to her when she’s little and would love to read to her about the 85 Bears, the greatest D ever! BTW I’m still pushing for the name Payton, lol. Bear Down!

  18. I became a Bear fan when I was about 3 Y/O.
    My father was a Bear fan before me going back to when the NFL had just formed.
    I remember going to Bears gams at Wrigley Field and seeing guys like Sid Luckman, Ray Bray, Bulldog Turner and George McAfee.
    My father worked for a radio station so, we got seats in the upperdeck between the 40’s on the Bears’ side, west side of the field.
    I was fortunate to have been at the game in which Gale got those 6 TDs in the mud.
    He could have gotten a 7th butt~~~~.

    Through all the good years, the bad years and the soso years, I’ve never stopped being a Bear fan.
    I live in Wisconsin, the state that has the Pukers.
    I am STILL and will ALWAYS be a Bear fan.
    It is part of who I am as a human being.

  19. Tadd Marcum-85Bears4Life

    When you talk Bears Football you have to start from the beginning. In 1920 George Stanley Halas for $100 founded the franchise I love so much.

    In 1920 they were the Decatur Staleys. In 1921 George moved this team to Chicago and became the Chicago Staleys. Now in 1922 george renamed the team to the Chicago Bears which is still the name of this franchise and will forever be. From the first big star Halas bought to today ,the Bears have so much tradition ,and so much history that cant be ignored.

    From stars Like Red grange,Doug Atkins,Mike Ditka,Gale Sayers,Dick Butkus,Mike Singletary,Walter Payton,Dan Hampton,Brian urlacher.

    Don’t Matter what era of bears it is. It Will ALWAYS Be Chicago Bear Football to me.
    The History and tradtion that this team has just blows me away. My first time i watched the Bears I was 7 years old and watched the nastiness they showed and I fell in love with them.

    Why am I a Bears fan….Because of the great History this organization has and still shows even today. I will forever love the Bears. Even after I die I will still root for the team from chicago called DA BEARS!

  20. Even though I’m only 17 I believe I’m the ultimate fan. If I’m not at the game I am for sure watching at home. I get a room in the house to myself with snacks and something to drink throughout the game so I don’t have to get up at all. I got a radio by the TV with 780 playing so I can listen to Joniak and Thayer instead of Buck. I have every color Bears jersey to match what they are wearing. I got Bears short to complete the outfit. Got Bears pennants and signs up along with a football signed by every player on the ’85 team. Even though I’m young I AM the ultimate Bears fan.

  21. I’m the ultimate fan because i grew up loving no other sport or team except the Chicago Bears. Every single sunday my dad and I would sit down with an entire bag of peanuts, my dad had a beer and i had sunny D. I know i’m a super fan because i grew up in the Dick Jauron days. And even though we didn’t win many games i still watched every game with hope and admiration for the players that they could win any game. now that i’m older i get to have a beer and watch some great bears games. but i’m not doing it alone. ive got my 2 year old sun sitting next to me every sunday now wearing a 23 jersey and drinking his capri sun and helping me finish off a bag of chips.

  22. Ultimate Bears fan hands down. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan which is Lions and Packers country. I haven’t a single friend here who’s a Bears fan, the only one who doesn’t support rivals is an Eagles fan, and lets admit that’s nearly as bad. I’ve been a Bears fan since I can remember and support them in every way possible.

    I have jerseys as well as posters and plaques and haven’t even converted a girl or two into at least watching them (considerable feat if you ask me). I’ve watched every game possible even if it meant I had to either drive very far to find a t.v. that had one, call in to work due to the fact the hours coincided or anything and everything that can come in between me and Chi-Town.

    If it’s impossible for me to watch a game I will sit at my computer and watch from as the arrows move up and down the field. My existence is Chicago Bears fan, that’s my way of life. My kids will be fans as well as my eventual wife, I plan on living in Chicago and my biggest goal is season tickets. The only tattoo I’ve ever considered is one that supports Da Bears.


  23. Perhaps not the biggest, but new fan. Let’s put it this way – very new. I came from the country where no one ever pays attentions to American Footbal.

  24. I ahbe been a Bears and Cubs fan for 5o years. When I moved out west, I had to go to Sports Bars to have to see my teams. I have since moved back to the Chicago area, since everytime I watche dthe hames on TV… I cried, taht I missed the city I LOVE SO MUCH, of course due to my favotite sports teams in the world !! My closet is 75% Navy and orange,, and of course Cubbies blue. My teams are in my heart for life. BEAR DOWN CHICAGO BEARS !!

  25. Shannon Pankey

    Since 1963 when I was Born in Cook County memorial I Bled Blue and Orange raised in Oak park Illinois froze my butt off all those years with my POPS and ended up leaving when I turned 18 years old to serve my country, while serving over 20 years I remained Bleeding Blue and Orange and following my beloved Bears now retired here in North Carolina still Bleed Blue and Orange lifetime Sunday Ticket Holder and I have traveled from atlanta to charlotte to washington dc to see my Bears Live so in a Phrase I AM YOUR BIGGEST BEARS FAN!!! Bear Down!!!

  26. Easily the most intense Bears fans. Was on the news for during the Seahawks playoff game last year and made them come back and interview me the same exact time during the Packers game the next week trying to get the same luck. Grew a patchy playoff beard that almost cost me my job. Wear Bears crocs… public….willingly. Had a dog named Rex after we drafted Rex Grossman (swing and a miss). When I went to the Buffalo Wild Wings here to watch the Buffalo game last year, I watched the next 5 games there until we got destroyed by the Patriots, and I sat there until the clock went to 0:00 and took all the heckling to prove I wasn’t giving up on my Bears after one bad showing. But its easy to love them while they’re winning, you gotta be there during the 4-12 years loving them just as much. I remember the Ravens game 2 years ago when they couldnt stop ANYTHING, or the Bengals game where Benson made me wanna puke in my mouth. Never gave up on them, never will. LOVE MY BEARS!!!!! BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I’ve always been a Denver Broncos Fan—okay not a good way to start out a contest about being a BEARS Fan but stick with me, okay? I was living in Colorado (how’d you guess) when I met a guy from Illinois and okay another lucky guess; he was a long time BEARS FAN! When it was time to decide WHERE we were going to live, there or here (well you guessed right again) WE decided I would move to Illinois! It didn’t take long before I became a BEARS FAN myself! I’m writing this today to testify that BEARS FANS ARE NOT JUST BORN, THEY ARE MADE as well. I love MY BEARS! And thanks to the man I now call my husband, we never miss a Bears game—BOTH of us can say we will always be BEARS FANS FOREVER!

  28. My dad played for the Bears when he was young. He palyed with Eddie Sprinkle, Bulldog Turner, Bill Hewitt. That is when they played both ways, no facemask and leather helmets. Whenever the Bears came to play in Green Bay to play the Packers, we always met the team at the airport to get autographs. I got to meet George Halas, Gale Sayers, Brian Piccolo, Dick Butkus, Willie Galimore, Harlon Hill, Sid Luckman, Mike Ditka in his rookie season. Never missed a year. I became good friends with bill Wade and to this day we still correspond with each other. Very few Bears Fans in Packer country. I must admit. I am the greatest Bears Fan in the Green Bay area. We still follow the tradition meeting the bears every year when they come to Green Bay and last year I had the opportunity to make my first vist to soldiers field for Bears family night. It was one of the most exciting things in my life and I will never forget my visit there.

  29. Andrew S. Villareal

    In 1981,at the age of 6,I came out to the living room where the Family was watching football. I saw Walter Payton running with the ball,I said,”I like the way he runs!” Been a fan Ever since. Growing up in California,I got A LOT of shit talked to me from 1st grade til I graduated high school. But I always wore my BEAR hats,beanies,bomber jackets and then Starter jackets Proudly!!! Seen the BEARS 8 times,all in Cali,the most recent,last August in San Diego. I still Rep Da Bears All day Every day 24/7 365;366 on Leap years!!!! If I’m not at home watching Da Bears,I’m at one of the BEAR bars catching the game. Good luck to all! Bear Down Chicago Bears……..

  30. Where do I begin? Well, my love for football began the day I was born, nearly 33 years ago. I was born on a Monday afternoon and watched my first Monday night football game when I was only hours old. No, it was not the Bears, it was Minnesota/Denver….but the next Sunday I watched my very first Bears game and ever since then I’ve been their #1 fan. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and cheered on my Bears with friends and family (very loudly I may say), my favorite place to watch was at Walter Payton’s Roundhouse in Aurora. I went to a lot of training camps in Bourbonnais, got lots of autographs, went to the Fan Convention for many years, games at the old and new stadium (I dyed my hair orange and blue once!) and even have my very own 2 orange seats from the old Soldier Field. Nearly 5 years ago I moved to Colorado and over the course of those years, I converted 3 of my friends into Bears fans! One of my friends was raised in Nebraska and her brother is a Packers fan (for whatever reason!)….she gives him crap about that, thanks to me! During Bears games, I get countless texts and phone calls from friends living all over the country keeping me updated or saying “did you see that play!!!” When my friends think of the Bears, they think of me and what a die hard fan I am. I have a giant Bears sticker on the back window of my car, and now that I live in Florida (just moved here…I’m done with snow), I have a Bears license plate on the front of my car that reads, “#1 Fan”. My collection of Bears memorabilia seems endless – seats from the stadium, autographs, picture with Gayle Sayers, books, 1985 team poster, Fridge poster, jewelry, re-useable shopping bags, t-shirts, Walter Payton jersey, mugs, hats, my organ donor license plates I had in IL, and even a Bears tattoo in the works. If you ask anyone in my family or any of my friends, they will tell you I’M THE ULTIMATE BEARS FAN!!!

  31. Natalie McQueary

    I am the ultimate Bears fan! In fact I’m wearing one of my Bears shirts as I type this out! And I’m also typing this on my itouch which is covered in my Bears case! I was born in Chicago and raises a fan of da Bears. But then again, just because you are born a fan doesn’t make you an automatic fan! You have to earn the title of a true fan and if you went up to anyone who knows my name, they know I’m a die hard fan of my Chicago Bears. I’ve been watching football ever since I can remember. I still remember when I was in middle school watching our super bowl game against the Colts and jumping around my living room on the first play! I went crazy! To this day whenever I go in public to watch my games I’m always the “crazy fan” yelling at the tv. Living in Atlanta now as a Bears fan is a hard life and people talk a lot of crap about my Bears! I always back my team up and I know how to get their mouths shut! On the back of my car I have a huge pink C!

  32. I’m the ULTIMATE BEARS FAN because my Facebook profile picture SHOWS that I am WOOOO!!! But seriously I have been a BEARS FAN ever since my Mother sat in front of the television set watching DA BEARS play while she was pregnant with me 🙂 OKAY!! seriously,seriously, I am the ULTIMATE BEARS FAN because DITKA is my LORD and SAVIOR!!! BEAR DOWN 4 LIFE!!!

  33. I will start by saying I am a Chicago fan. This includes all sports teams, Cubs(I was there for their first night game) over Sox, but both over all others. I was born in the heights, moved to Madison for my mother’s college, then Indiana, then France then Michigan and now Buffalo.
    Leaving home has fortified my love of Chicago sports and the greatest sport of all is football. I actually only briefly lived in Illinois; however, I am and always will support my Bears.
    I would wake up at 3 in the morning every week to watch highlights in France as football is not big there and I was overjoyed when they rebroadcast Bears games. It did not happen often yet I would never miss it.
    In Michigan I would bring my daughter to the local sports hangout to watch the game and fight over the Bears until they knew I was coming every week and automatically put it on.
    Now I check the Bears website every day to hear news and hope this year will be the year, not only because it makes me feel proud to hail from chi town, but also because it helps my fantasy team a lot. Even in the lean years, I always have at least 3 to 4 Bears players. My year goes as they do.
    The greatest part is sharing with my children and my wife. She is from Flint, MI and as such her family are all very fanatical about all things Detroit. She would always roll her eyes. Now she has started to ask how the game is played, why was there a penalty, was that a bad call…This because I watch every week and instead of locking herself somewhere else in the house or going out with her friends, she enjoys being with me while I watch the game and team I love. She still is amazed at the super bowl run and the luck and last minute heroics of that team.
    Oddly enough, I have never been to a game, of any professional sport besides baseball. The only things Bear related I own are a throw friends gave me years ago and the superbowl shuffle on dvd my wife got me for christmas six years ago. As a father of two supporting our decision to let my wife raise our children and not a stranger, there is no extra money for this type of expenditure.
    I am perfectly content watching my Bears as I have all these years in whatever I throw on for the day, but it would be something special to have more to show outwardly how I feel inside.
    I could have picked any number of teams from the four states I have lived in. I could have forgot about the Bears and football as 7 years of my life were spent in a country that could care less about football. Instead I am hungry and eager to get the season started, I always am optimistic about the team and continue to watch even when it aint so pretty.
    I am a Bears fan even though being offered so many choices, soccer, rugby, handball(look it up: good team sport) on top of the normal fare; basketball,baseball, hockey, Nascar…. different states, different countries, influence from family old and new…After all that :

    I picked Da Bears.

  34. The Chicago Bears have been my favorite team since the day I was born. My room is filled with posters of Brian Urlacher, the 1985 bears, logos and everything. I would die for my Chicago Bears and the city of Chicago. I always have dreamed of playing, coaching, owning, or even being the equipment manager for the Chicago Bears. I have always stuck with the Bears through thick and thin. I have stayed a fan for life. i have been through good and bad with da bears, even when they lost Super Bowl 41, when they lost the NFC championship and when Cutler went down. And I was with them when we won the NFC championship game against New Orleans, the comeback against the Cardinals, and when Hester broke the return TD record. i always facebook about the bears, i always tweet them. i honestly could probably name every bear on the roster, because i love them so much. this year will be different for us. Roy Williams, MArion Barber will explode for our offense. Okoye and Gholston will emerge as stars. CArimi will boost our line. Super Bowl 46 Champions! they are my pick to win the Super Bowl every year. The bears have been part of my family forever. every sunday we are on the couch together cheering for the greatest team in the history of sports. it goes family, then Bears football, as the 2 most important things in my life. BEARS FAN ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!! BEAR DOWN CHICAGO BEARS!!!!!! LETS WIN THIS YEARS SUPER MEN!!!! GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I believe that I am the ultimate Bears fan for a variety of reasons. First of all, I’m from England. You wouldn’t believe some of the things us international fans have to go through to watch our Bears. Chicago is six hours behind England in terms of time. Now, that’s not such a bad thing for noon kick offs, but when you’re getting into the early hours of the morning, and you have to get up in the morning at 6:00, its fun because its Da Bears, but the next morning is rough. Not just regular season either. I stay up for pre season, and I stay up for things such as the Draft too!

    I’d assume that over there in Chicago, you can get all games on the tv over there with no problems at all?. Yeah, over here in England we get games. If the Bears are on a good run, they’re on a lot, as they’re a very popular team here. But if they’re not on tv, I have to rely on internet streams. Possibly the most unreliable things ever!

    Now, how many of you when buying Bears merchandise get good shipping prices on the internet. Or even can say, shipping prices?. I can go down the road and buy my Bears merchandise!. I wish that was the case here. The shipping prices to England are sometimes beyond crazy. But I work ways around it. Because I love my Bears. Merchandise cost and shipping costs is partly a reason why I’m entering this comp!

    How many of you can say, to get to Chicago I would have to get across the Atlantic, at the cost of what?. Flight, hotel, tickets… Other spending money. A gramd upwards… Now as I’m only just approaching 18, I haven’t done that yet. But you can guarantee that in future, I’ll be there in the Chi reppin my Bears!. And you see we’ve got a game over in London this year, I will do anything to get my hands on a ticket for that game!!. Although the bucs are the designated ‘home’ team for that game, I have a feeling Wembley will be packed with Bears fans.

    You may ask “how did a guy from England get into the Bears?”. Well it happened before I was born. Odd huh?. Like most people, I follow my family in terms of the teams I support. So picture 1985. Some of you will remember it. Some of you, like me, weren’t even born then. Picture an English office, and my Dad talking to an American co worker. He tells him “Are you watching the NFL this year?”. My Dad says “I can’t say I’ve ever watched it, or had any desire to”. So he says “Make sure you watch it tonight, you must watch it. My team the Bears, will go all the way this year, and they’ve looked really good so far.” So my Dad agrees to watch, and pretty soon gets hooked on the 85 bears. And the rest is history. He got my brother into them that year, and although their interest isn’t as strong as it once was, they passed it on to me and I’ve kept it alive throughout the years. I knew of the Bears early in my life, but because of being young and the fact I had no internet access until 2003, that was when I could really pursue my interest in the Bears.

    I’m gonna keep the Bears in my family for many generations to come!. Where do I attach a pic?.

  36. I believe that I am the ultimate Bears fan for a variety of reasons. First of all, I’m from England. You wouldn’t believe some of the things us international fans have to go through to watch our Bears. Chicago is six hours behind England in terms of time. Now, that’s not such a bad thing for noon kick offs in Chicago, but when you’re getting into the early hours of the morning, and you have to get up in the morning at 6:00, its fun because its Da Bears, but the next morning is rough. Not just regular season either. I stay up for pre season, and I stay up for things such as the Draft too!

    I’d assume that over there in Chicago, you can get all games on the tv over there with no problems at all?. Yeah, over here in England we get games. If the Bears are on a good run, they’re on a lot, as they’re a very popular team here. But if they’re not on tv, I have to rely on internet streams. Possibly the most unreliable things ever!

    Now, how many of you when buying Bears merchandise get good shipping prices on the internet. Or even can say, shipping prices?. I can go down the road and buy my Bears merchandise!. I wish that was the case here. The shipping prices to England are sometimes beyond crazy. But I work ways around it. Because I love my Bears. Merchandise cost and shipping costs is partly a reason why I’m entering this comp!

    How many of you can say, to get to Chicago I would have to get across the Atlantic, at the cost of what?. Flight, hotel, tickets… Other spending money. A gramd upwards… Now as I’m only just approaching 18, I haven’t done that yet. But you can guarantee that in future, I’ll be there in the Chi reppin my Bears!. And you see we’ve got a game over in London this year, I will do anything to get my hands on a ticket for that game!!. Although the bucs are the designated ‘home’ team for that game, I have a feeling Wembley will be packed with Bears fans.

    You may ask “how did a guy from England get into the Bears?”. Well it happened before I was born. Odd huh?. Like most people, I follow my family in terms of the teams I support. So picture 1985. Some of you will remember it. Some of you, like me, weren’t even born then. Picture an English office, and my Dad talking to an American co worker. He tells him “Are you watching the NFL this year?”. My Dad says “I can’t say I’ve ever watched it, or had any desire to”. So he says “Make sure you watch it tonight, you must watch it. My team the Bears, will go all the way this year, and they’ve looked really good so far.” So my Dad agrees to watch, and pretty soon gets hooked on the 85 bears. And the rest is history. He got my brother into them that year, and although their interest isn’t as strong as it once was, they passed it on to me and I’ve kept it alive throughout the years. I knew of the Bears early in my life, but because of being young and the fact I had no internet access until 2003, that was when I could really pursue my interest in the Bears.

    I’m gonna keep the Bears in my family for many generations to come!. Where do I attach a pic?.

  37. My granddad was a Bears fan, my Dad is a Bears fan, I was born a Bears fan, my Son is a Bears fan, my Grandson is a Bears fan. Mike Ditka, Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, were houshold names as I grew up. In 1985, I was in the United States Marine Corps and lisened to the Super Bowl on a PRC77 at over 10,000 feet up in a blizzard, in a 10 man pup tent at 25 below! Through the joy of every win and bitterness of every loss, I have stood by Da Bears ! I watch every play, read every word written about my beloved Bears. Each year brings new hope of victory and a trip to the Super Bowl. Dedication you ask, how’s this, tattooed on my right arm.
    “BEAR DOWN” !

  38. Being the “Ultimate Fan” shouldn’t be about the amount of Bears stuff you own. Everybody is commenting about all of their jersey’s and their pimped out Bears man-cave. But this isn’t a contest about how much money you have. It’s about being a fan. It’s about wearing your jersey after NFC Championship game, and taking the constant heckling from every Packer fan you see. It’s about supporting your team no matter how stupid the front office can be, or how much you dislike a coach or player. Being a fan is about showing undying and everlasting support for what you care about, through thick and thin. Its about sitting in the nosebleed seats when its -20 degrees. I don’t have 10 autographed posters, and i don’t have 4 jerseys, because being a fan is not about money, its about support. Being a FANatic is always supporting what you believe in, your team. All i’ve got is a jersey, a hat, and a couple of shirts, but I’m damn proud to support my team. I haven’t met all these old time players because quite frankly, I’m not old enough. I never got to see Sayers, or even Walter Peyton. Am I the “Ultimate Bears fan”, probably not, but I love the chicago bears and will continue to do so until the day i die.

  39. Wow, reading these replys are just one of many reasons I’m a Bear fan.The passion that Bear fans have is like no other. Am I the ultimate fan? Hard to say. I can tell you my Love for the Bears came like most at a young age, in my case 10yrs old. I was lucky enough to get to watch every game Walter Payton played in,and if that wasn’t enough a Superbowl.I’ve taken being a Die-Hard Fan to another level, The Love for the teams only falls short to my family. Like most Die-Hards I’ve gotten a basement filled from floor to ceiling with Bear memoriblia, my yard is decorated in the same manner along with my car, then there’s me. I’m cover head to ankle( need to to a toe) with Chicago Bear related tattoos over 150 at last count with 124 of them being Bear players that have signed me then I had tatted over. So In other words I’m it!! I AM THE ULTIMATE BEAR FAN. My website is for pics also add me on face book Glenn Timmermann Go Bears!!!

  40. How does one define being the Ultimate Bears Fan? I was born in Chicago, and naturally bleed Navy Blue and Burnt Orange. There so no sport that I love as much as Football. Though Im glad to finally see someone reply here realistically, materialistic objects do Not make anyone an Ultimate Fan.

    While I own very few objects, Hats, Franchise History DVD, Floor Mats, steering wheel cover for my car, and my Official Linebackers coat I got back in the 90s, none of those define me as a true fan, they just show who I support.

    As a true Bears Fan, I obviously loathe the Packers, but as much as thats the case, they are our greatest rival and I have the upmost respect for them. Unless they troll 🙂 So would winning anything make me an even greater fan? No, just be stuff that I’d cherish and obviously flaunt with those bumperstickers to every Bear hatin person around 🙂

    But aside all this, I really could careless if I’m considered an Ultimate Fan or not, as I am a True Fan. And being a Bears Fan is more than just an honor, it’s got it’s perks. Though I reside in Ky, there are plenty of Bears Fans Ive encounter. I’ve went to Taco Bell and gotten free food because of it. Went to a local pool hall and called out by other Bear Fans, and just now, as I left Pizza Hut with my lunch, another fellow Bears fan commented on my hat as he wore one too. So yeah, being a true Bears fan is far more pleasurable than any materialistic objects can ever do. Though not saying reading from Da Bears! book wouldnt be awesome, or owning an actual jersey wouldn’t kick serious ass.

  41. So now, I’ll continue 🙂

    My origins obviously came as a birth right. But I will not deny I knew nothing about Football as a child. My main introduction to Da Bears came in 85. As I was but 7, I couldnt tell you about Walter Payton, nor Jim McMahon, Ditka, Da Fridge, but I knew it was magical. Again I was 7, I was more focused on He-Man, G.I.Joe, my friends, and my GF 🙂

    Regardless, aside knowing we won it all that year, one of my best memories is the fact my Sister and myself didnt have to go to school the next day 🙂 But upon all this, I received my first pendant which hung proudly on my wall in my bedroom. Again, didn’t know much of the sport, but I treasured that fiercely. And to this day, I still have the VHS copy of that faithful day we all wish to experience again. And its that initial pride I felt as a child that I still feel to this day.

    Does this further my proof of being an Ultimate Fan? Well no, theres really no action that can be determined as being an Ultimate Fan. Its just a way of life in my opinion. 🙂 And as I wasnt sure if theres a character limit, figured I’d break it into 2 parts 🙂

  42. I have season tickets. I watch every game. I’ve traveled to see them in every NFC North city. I’ve been in other markets watching the Bears at a sports bar where I”m the only guy really interested in the game on, cheering loudly by myselfI. I’ve met and shaken hands with Sayers, Dent, Ditka, Hampton, Thayer, Butkus and Butler – even Jeff Joniak. I gladly watched Farve’s last games at Soldier Field in both GB and MN jerseys. I started a company (since closed) that had the same navy and orange colors. I only have one Jersey, and that’s Butkus – Because I believe he really personified what the Chicago Bears mean to me (no less love for Sweetness) – Determination and work ethic, relentless pursuit, a snarle streak and a Defense to be feared…One that puts Offenses back on their heels. Go Bears!!!!

  43. I was born and raised in California, but the first time my Dad sat me in front of a tv to watch football, it was a Bears/Niners game in 1983 and I was completely awestruck by Walter Payton. I’ve been a diehard ever since. I even remember crying (as a 9 year old) when Payton fumbled at the start of super bowl XX because the Bears were down 3-0!
    Now, 28 years later, I still live in the bay area but my fandom has reached new heights. I’ve traveled to Soldier for at least one game each of the past 8 seasons, I have the Bears “C” tattooed on my leg, my California license plate is “BHR DOWN” and I’ve turned the bar I work at (right in the middle of 49ers country) into the official bay area home of the Bears!
    I have pictures of my tattoo and license plate but don’t know how to attach…I’ll tweet them
    to you!

  44. I feel that I’m the Ultimate Bears fan for two reasons, one being that I had to take being able to see Bears games into serious consideration during my College recruitment time, which is one of the primary reasons why I am now a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senior now as opposed to being at Ohio State or Michigan. The other reason why I would consider myself as being the Ultimate Bears fan is because I recently purchased two bichon frise dogs, one of which was born on July 25th (Walter Payton’s birthday), and the other was born October 18th (Da Coach’s birthday) and of course I named them Payton and Ditka respectively. Lol. I just feel that with the dedication that I have to my team (Da Bears) and the fate that came upon me when I purchased my dogs, I am THE very definition of the Ultimate Bears fan!

  45. Been a bears fan since I was 7, now I’m 34. Been a season tix holder since 03′ and live in new jersey! Have the ultimate bear cave/bar! Went to all NFC champ games and sbowl in Miami.

    I’ll provide photos of my bear cave!

  46. in 1986 we all know where the bears were, me i was but a baby. 5 yrs later i found a video my cousin had, it was the sports illistrated chicago bears highlight tape of the season and championship. From that day on my life would change, besides my cousin iam the biggest bears fan living in pasadena california. its the town of bandwagon heros, and horrible baseball. I know for a fact im the biggest bears fan just because i can back it up on any level of madden football, every bears season i poor my heart into, who else buys a Rex Grossman jersey the same year they went to the super bowl, in fact it was the day of the super bowl. The only thing i hate more then the greenbay packers, is the greenbay packers with brett favre. i can provide any evidince of my bear fandom on my facebook. as much as i would like to go on and on, i must stop because im getting to excited talking about the bears, pretending and daydreaming im out on the field #winning.

  47. I am the ultimate Bears fan because orange and blue runs deep in my family. Ever since I was born, I was destined to become a bears fan. My grandparents on both sides are from Chicago, and therefore diehard Bear fans. However, the person who really showed me the greatness of the Chicago Bears is my Dad. He has been a true fan for many years, being there in the days of the bad news bears, the superbowl shuffle, and all those quarterbacks we had in the 90’s. Ever since I was little, I remember sitting in front of the T.V on Sunday’s trying to be like Dad and rooting for the Bears. Over time, I learned the rules of the game of football, and developed a lifelong love of the monsters of the midway. Years of bad seasons passed, until the 2006 season where the Bears were simply magical. I remember vividly every moment, from Hester’s 108 yard return, to the miracle in the dessert. Though the season did not end like I wanted it to, I still remain a Bears fan for years to come. Now that we have Jay Cutler and are moving forward, I believe this is our season and our chance to show the league that the Bears truly are the greatest team today and throughout history. This is why I am the ultimate Bears fan. I have been, and always will be for the Bears. It is the one thing that I truly look forward to in the fall, and this will never change. The Chicago Bears is a team I truly love, and this will remain true for the rest of my life.

  48. Ever since i can remember i have been watching the bears. While other people thought the bears were going nowhere last season i said just wait and you will see and they ended up going to the NFC championship. I believe this year will be the same. I am the ultimate bears fans because i believe in the bears, on paper they dont look like a phenomenal team but they have that chemistry and play well together. Also, i truly believe they are a couple years away from winning a super bowl. It has always been my dream to go to soldier field and watch the bears play but someday i believe my dream will come true. I feel like the bears are apart of my life because i spend so much time reading articles about them and looking and forums reading about them and I have learned more than anyone can even imagine. I feel if the lock out continued and there was no football season this year i would feel like a part of me is gone. I may not be a season ticket holder, have a bears tattoo, or have tons of bears gear but believing in the bears is the most important thing.

  49. I am the ULTIMATE BEARS FAN! I began by watching games with my Dad as a young tot – but my devotion grew when I headed west to California for college. My Chicago pride swelled ever Fall and has continued now that I am living back in Chciago – the greatest sports city in the world.
    When costs have prohibited me from attending games live, I host viewing parties at my house. Not only are guests wearing bears gear, but we even decorate the apartment with orange and blue ribbon – while serving orange and blue drinks. I can’t wait for this season to start and we can once again throw the windows open and sing “Bear Down” after every Bears score.

  50. It doesn’t take much to learn while I’m The Ultimate Bears fan. I have spent my entire life living in the enemies’ backyard. You see, I’m from Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Right in the heart of packer country. It doesn’t get much worse for Packer fan density than being in the exact middle of the state. Since my first breath my heart has been pumping blue and orange blood. I was born in 1989, so you must understand that during my childhood I did not see much success from the Bears side of the ball. Even worse, I had to endure the Brett Favre “glory years”, and now I’m getting a heavy dose of Aaron Rodgers talk in college. The only satisfaction I get out of living in this state is the fact that two to three days a year there is a chance that my Bears can beat the Packers. I LIVE FOR THAT. And now that I’m reaching the glory years of my life I’m absolutely hopeful that the Bears can get back to glory.

    I never got to experience the glory days of the Ditka/Buddy Ryan teams of the mid to late 80’s, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what a real Bear team looks like. I, more than anyone else, appreciate the knock em down drag ’em out style of the Bears of old. My parents were both raised in Rockford which explains my loyalty to the Bears. My whole childhood my dad told me about the Bears glory days, and the stories he told me about changed the way I lived my life. Being a Bears fan made me who I am. Like the teams of past and present I have learned that when things get tough you just put your fist in the ground and work until you reach your ultimate goal. I always will know when to BEAR DOWN.

  51. Nicole Swanson

    DA BEARS!! Even though I am 29 yrs old, I am a die hard Chicago Bears fan! I can remember when I was 3 my parents watching the Bears cream New England. So seeing my mom happy watching the Bears, I knew they were my team! I can’t wait until the start of every season. I always have get togethers every time they play. I have 4 kids who enjoy watching the Bears too! My girls put on a little cheer everytime they score a touchdown! 4th Phase all the way! Sadly i work with a Steelers fan. So when the Bears beat them in ’09, I was happy to rub it in her face! My uncle is a Vikings fan, so I always make sure to wear a Bears shirt around him. Walking into my house I have Bears pics, posters, trading cards, etc. My favorite are the 2 little Bears geared up in full Bears uniform. I am glad The Sackman finally made it to the Hall of Fame! It is well over due! So matter what I am a PROUD Chicago Bears fan for life! BEAR DOWN, GO BEARS!! Thank you 🙂

  52. Chris donofrio

    I am the ultimate Bears fan because I am a true die hard!!! I live in NYC (im a police officer) but I bleed blue & orange. I have been a Bears fan all 32 years of my life thanks to my pop. I think what makes me the ultimate bears fan is that you have no idea how hard it is to be a fan of a team if your out of market. In order to read up on my Bears I have to scour online sites. Read Chicago Bears blogs, I follow every Chicago Bears player & even the beat writers on twitter so I can get up to the minute info. I also signed up to receive the Chicago-Sun Times on my kindle just for the Bears section (keep in mind ibam not a cubs, whitesox, or bulls fan) I go to 1
    Chicago Bears game every year sometimes on the road & have flown out to watch a game in
    Soldier Field on multiple occassions. I just bought my 1st home and I already have my official Chicago Bears paint colors for my basement. Including the Bears pool table and bears pool balk set (obviously the other team is the Packers). And when the bears were in the superbowl a few years back, no one was allowed in my house who wasn’t wearing a Bears jersey & even my sisters dog had to wear a bears jersey. Oh, and I already read the Bears book about 1985 when it first came out! “Bear Down!”

  53. (Marky)Mark Eugling

    I am the ultimate bears fan because i spend every sunday playing football until noon, then watching the blue and orange after! I was not fortuante enough to watch the 85 bears live, however i have watched countless films of them. I spent camps as a kid meeting gale sayers, Sean Gale, Robo cop, and more. I always have a lot to say on the forums and think i have proven that i know what i am talking about!

  54. I’ve been a Bears fan for as long as I can remember. When the Bears practiced at Morton East High school, my grandfather was head custodian at the school and brought me and my cousins to meet the players. I was in awe of William Perry, his hand alone seemed to be the size of 8 year old me. That Christmas my grandpa gave me a football autographed by dozens of players. It is still my most cherished possession. Now, I am teaching my 4 kids how to be a Bears fan. At night, I sing the little ones the Chicago Bears fight song. On gamedays, I put up my giant inflatable Bears guy in the front yard, watch the game and am not afraid to give out Urlacher’s to anyone (an Urlacher is basically just launching myself at them and tackling them). Once the game is over, I write up my own analysis and post it on my blog. I can’t wait for the Bears to be back on my TV.

  55. Nicholas Fisch nwfisch

    I think I should win the Bears contest, so that a forum poster actually wins the contest for a change.

    In all honesty, during Bears season, I wear a Bears shirt or sweatpants everyday of the week. Win or lose, I go to work the next day wearing my Bears jersey.

    Bear Down

  56. I AM THE ULTIMATE BEARS FAN! every sunday i play fottball all day until DA BEARS game the from there on out my family has a huge bears party whether it be the NFC Championship game or the last game of the year and they won’t make the playoffs! Also during this time I go all out paint my face, high socks you name it I wear it! I was Not fortunate enough to see the Bears win the 1985 Super Bowl but I have watched many shows and films of it. I love the Bears through thick and thin whether it be the heartbreak of last year or the awesome season of 2006 where they completly amazing then suffering the heartbreak at the end of that year. The Bears are my tema and always will be! I BLEED BLUE AND ORANGE!
    BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Nicole Svenkerud

    I am the ultimate Bears fan because this is my one and only true love! Seriously, the Chicago Bears have been a part of my life since I was born! I moved away from the Chicago-land area about five years ago and ever since I have been spreading the blue and orange all over the country! I have not only belted the words to Bear Down by myself at random bars in Idaho and Texas, but also taught the fight song to others who wanted to learn! I do NOT need to convince anyone that I am the ultimate Bears Fan, because all that matters is that in the end I will stand by my boys no matter what happens!

  58. Charles Kashmier

    I am the ultimate BEARS fan. Have feen since I could crawl and carry a little football. From the disaster days of the 70’s (Walter left, Walter right) to the highs of the Ditka days. I bleed orange and blue and can actually sing the fight song!

  59. I’m not an ultimate Bears Fan…I’m an extremist. During the football season, I can’t do anything other than think about the next game. I’ve converted fans, I’m cheered with fans, I’ve cried with fans, and I’ve even punched the occasional hole in a wall with fans. I’ve made sure every single person in my family (whom I watch the games with weekly) has some sort of Bears paraphernalia to wear on game days. Last season, I spent hours trying to find an online stream to the games we didn’t get on national TV (living in KY, we didn’t get them all). My father called friends from work to tell them, “Yeah, Adam’s getting the game…come on over.” I’ve blogged about the Bears ( ). I’ve hosted “panels” for ChiCitySports.Com discussing solely the Bears ( ) I’ve even made videos about the Bears ( ). I’ve been to the point where I wouldn’t piss on Cutler if he was on fire, and yet I’ve defended him to every nay-sayer I’ve met. This is my team. This is our team. This is the beloved.

    Bear Down, my friends, be a major part in the 4th Phase wherever you are, and help lead your Chicago Bears to a championship.

  60. Cedric Nguimatsa

    I am the ultimate Bears fan because I have been a Bears fan since I was 3 years old. I was born in Paris France but My parents are from Chicago Illinois and graduated from Univerty of Illinois in Champaign. I lived in Europe for 6 years before moving to the U.S with my parents, and while in Europe I played rugby as a kid and I wore #34 in honor of “sweetness” I even had the head ban and I will try and do everything Walter Payton did during games, except I was playing rubgy and most europeans looked at me like I was crazy! I currently live in Texas now, I go to school at Texas A&M, so I’m in the middle of cowboy land, but that doesn’t stop me from rocking my Bears attire as much as I can. My entire dorm room is Beared out!! My roommate is a Lions fan and I feel sorry for the kid cuz I just bullied him just like the bears bullied the lions. My grand parents are 10 years season tickets holder so I’ve been to plenty of Bears game, I go to every game that is any where close to Texas, Denver, etc. I already got my ticket for the game vs the broncos!! Bears fan are the best and no one comes close! DA BEAR!!!!

  61. Jim B.

    Firstly great idea for a contest, I love reading these stories If there is anything I love more in the world then attaining knowledge on my favorite team, it’s collecting even more knowledge about that team’s fans. Bears Nation is more about just being a Bear fan, it’s about living the Bears lifestyle. Through all of the hardships in my life, losing family members, friends, pets, etc. the one thing I can always count on as a lift me up is Bears football. I struggled through the rough patches, enjoyed the glory days of Walter & Jim, then had a 10 year hangover in the 90’s, yet it didn’t get me down. Almost every square inch of my house is plastered in Bears stuff including my back which is somewhat of a Windy City mural of the Bulls/Bears logo. Got it after our 2nd 3-peat.

    All week long at work, I would look forward to the games. Actually attending the games, tailgating with other Bear fans, the excessive beer drinking with my friends, I wouldn’t trade any of that for anything in the world. I write this out of respect for everybody who has entered this contest. I am happy to align myself with all of you individuals. If I don’t win anything, there will be no skin off my back. I am just happy to call myself a Bear fan. Does that make me the ultimate Bear fan? Probably not however through all of my time in the military, time at work, time with my family, there has never been a day where I don’t put excessive thought into the team I love to watch play football. I haven’t missed a training camp practice in 10 years. Haven’t missed a game in over 30 years. If expenses permitted, I would have tailgated every single one of them and went into soldier field to cheer my drunken ass off! I can only make 1 game a year with expenses but I make the most of it! I don’t think my story is as flashy or catchy as other Bear fans but when you think of what a Bear fan is, and what the epitome of a true Bears fan is, I want you to think of me. Bear down everybody! Time for Julius to stomp a mudhole in the NFC NORTH!!! I’ll close out my message with a commemoration, I wish my wife was here to watch the Bears with me today. She was just as big of a Bears fan as I. RIP

  62. Hello im a die hard bears fan!! im only 13..i loveears…hate the packers!!!…i always have no reason to be angry at the bears when there having a bad day! It killed me when the bears lost to the packers in the NFC championship! But i wasnt angry i just said 5 words..”will get them next year” ive been counting down to the bears first preseason game…couldnt wait to see my team kill the bills! Hopefully this year win with our new talents like Marion Barber and Roy Williams….Hopefully this year we will go back to the NFC championship and win the gold and do the samething in the superbowl!! LETSS GOOO BEARS!

  63. I am the ultimate Chicago Bears fan because I was born and raised in Indiana near the border of Indiana and Illinois. I was born into Chicagoland. When I was 11, my mom, my sister, my brother, and I moved to Wisconsin. Cheeseheads all around us..ugh! Her boyfriend has lived here all his life and he was born a cheesehead. How disapointing. My friends were packer fans, our neighbors were packer fans, our new family were packer fans. This was terrible! Then came football season and people around us started wearing their jerseys again. They’ve shown me their opinion on football, now it was my turn to show them. Monday for school came and I had an amazing Bears outfit picked out. We came to the school building and everyone stared at me walking into school. The teachers didn’t seem to like me that much at all. I just sat through my classes and smirked at how great I looked. Talk about how blue and orange could stand out so much. What is a packer anyway? Noone’s ever given me a straight answer… Everyone was giving me a hard time but I just came back at them with better comments. I still live here, so when the people of Wisconsin are putting on their cheesecaps(gross)I’ll be putting on my Jay Cutler jersey with pride and I will be proud. Go Bears! Show the packers how it’s done!

  64. cornell wiley

    I’m the ultimate Bears fan for lot’s of reasons but in the intrest of time I’ll illuminate 3. #1: Growing up in Zion Ill on Green Bay Road in the early 80’s was tough but those were our Glory years my fondest memories were not of our Super Bowl season however, but of our Coach. Everyone can tell you about our D or our superbowl season but how many remember the ultimate Bear? Mike Dikta, not only did he coach one heck of a team but he was the only Coach whom ran a two Quarterback system. Mike Tomzack and Jim Harbaugh. It was always exciting to watch Those Bears teams play but as far as I knew no one was at that time or has since ran a two Quarter back system. That was the Genius behind Dikta, Imagine trying to do that today the post game press conference after a game would eat your team up from within like a cancer. Not to mention the Coaching tree that sprouted from his tenure…. Head Coach- Vikings Leslie Frazier, Head Coach-Rams Jeff fisher, Head coach-San Francisco- Jim harbough, Former Head coach San Francisco Mike Singletary, Former Head coach Eagles- Buddy Ryan, Head coach Carolina- Ron rivera.#2 The ultimate Bear fan must also have an accute knowledge of our history which I happen to keep with me wherever I go. For example were someone to ask me….. The Bears are playing the Buffalo Bills what will the score be…… I’d say 31 to negative 7. I would then be perfectly aligning myself with Bill swerski’s superfan debut prediction. #3 My last reason I should be an ultimate fan is… In 89 my family moved from Zion Ill to Miami Fl. During my teen years and thorugh my 20’s I have faithfully followed my Bears so much so that in 2006 I started working an extra job in September because I believed we were going to the Superbowl which, we did. I saved up enough to buy my ticket and sat out in the rain and watched My mighty Bears fall to The Colt’s I cried like a baby watching my Bears lose and just like in 1993 when Dikta was fired and said to a gathering of fans outside of Halas Hall “and this to shall pass” I knew as bad as that night was thing’s would be ok, and they were. thganks for you consideration.

  65. I’m the Biggest Bears fan in Green bay Wisconsin. Been to 2 Bears games in Green bay. I live on Cormier where the visitors playing the Packers see a duplex decorated in Orange and blue lights and decorations.
    The Bears seem it, and Packers fans see it daily.

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