Zambrano Ejected: Seeking Retirement.

Carlos Zambrano gave up a club record, 5 homeruns in 4 and 1/3rd of an inning. He started to pitch emotionally, which hasn’t always worked out for the hot-headed Zambrano. He threw a warning pitch inside Brave’s infielder, Chipper Jones, after he had already thrown a dangerous pitch earlier. The home plate umpire, Tim Timmons, did a little throwing of his own and tossed Zambrano out of the game. Thus leading to a furious walk back to the clubhouse.

It was then reported that Carlos cleaned his locker out and left the park.

Cubs Manager, Mike Quade, later said, “he’s talking about retiring.”
When asked if Zambrano would be welcomed back, Quade said, “I don’t know.”

“All I know is, it was a bad night,” Quade said. “And that’s allowed.

Zambrano, a 10 year veteran, has played all of his career with the Chicago Cubs, and was once a perennial finalist for the Cy Young Award.

Chris Snow

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