Dayan Viciedo arrived with the White Sox in Seattle, popular thinking had Viciedo in the Starting lineup for Saturday but, when the lineup was released Viciedo was nowhere to be found just the regular guys playing the regular positions, oh and Rios batting clean-up … again … ugh.

The reported reason for Viciedo not starting today was his late arrival in Seattle. Ozzie said Dayan told him that his flight felt like it was 10 hours.

When asked about the excitement around his call up Viciedo said, “I heard about it and made me feel good, but by the same token, it’s the team that make the decision on personnel, so I just go about doing what they asked me to do in AAA” he added, It’s the best feeling in the world, I want to be here for as long as I can”.

According to Mark Gonzales via Twitter, Viciedo will start on Sunday, either at 1st or right field. Ozzie said he wasn’t sure where Viciedo will fit into the batting order. This year at AAA Viciedo has played 95 games in RF and 11 at 1st.

Most of the impressions have Viciedo seeming very confident and unshaken by the high expectations, according to CSN White Sox Beat Writer, Brett Ballantini, when asked about being the Savior Viciedo gave a wry smile and said, “We’ll see”.

Viciedo went .296/20/78 this year for AAA Charlotte.

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