“You Know You’re a Canucks Fan If…”- Chicago Blackhawk Fans Taunt the Vancouver Canucks Over Twitter

Chicago Blackhawks hockey is right around the corner. Do you know why I know this? Besides the obvious answer that is. Because Blackhawk fans are lighting up my Twitter feed with nothing but jokes, attacking the Vancouver Canucks. If you don’t know about the Vanocuver/Chicago rivalry by now, then you need to asap.

The Canucks and Blackhawks have never really liked each other, but recently the two teams have seem to face each other every year in the playoffs. These constant meetings have had the two teams at each other’s throats for the past three years. Everything from calling out and making fun of Vancouver’s goaltender, Roberto Luongo, to cheap shots and fan fights.

If you want to see dirty, exciting hockey just turn on the tv when these two teams play.

Or just check out @One4theDagger‘s Twitter feed. Yesterday she went crazy with the “You know you’re a Canuck’s fan if…” Here are some examples.

If you thought that was rough, check out her other ones.

I knew there was a reason that I loved Twitter. If it’s good for anything, it’s good for fans of every sport to try to one-up each other.We should probably be doing something more productive, but every once in awhile it’s ok to relax and have some fun

The bashing didn’t stop at just text. Oh no. It went to multimedia as well. Here are some of the videos that found themselves apart of the bashing.


I am huge fan of these kinds of bashing, as well as it doesn’t get personal, and it hasn’t yet. Another thing I find peculiar is Vancouver fans haven’t been able to establish a substantially counterattack, or if they have then I haven’t seen it.

But then again, they have as much bragging rights as the Cubs do.






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