Will Cashner be a RP or an SP in ’12?

One of the interesting topics heading into off-season of non player movement is whether Andrew Cashner will be a RP or an SP for the 2012 season.

Andrew Cashner who missed most of this season with an arm injury came back a few weeks ago and has stickly pitched out of the bullpen. He has looked very good too when given a chance to come into the game. Cashner will get more work this winter as he will pitch for the Cubs in the Arizona Fall League. But here’s where the catch comes. When the Cubs announce the roster for the AFL, Cashner was told he’ll be stretched out and pitch as a starter; however, Cashner told ESPNChicago.com that he’ll pitch as a RP in the AFL.

So…from the hearing of that, does that mean the Cubs have already made up their minds of what to do with Cashner. To me, the Cubs have to give Cashner one more shot in the starting rotation. He has the tools and pitches to be a good SP. But the Cubs might just want to prevent further injury and make him a RP. If the Cubs can sign or trade for a SP in the off-season, then it won’t be as bad, but if the Cubs are planning on sending Jeff Samardzija out there every 5 days or any other low tier pitcher, it’ll be a bad move.

Cashner will be one heck of a RP, he could have closer written all over. This could mean the Cubs could look into trading Carlos Marmol, who has struggled all year. A back end of Marshall, Wood (if re-signed) and Cashner will be good. Also, with James Russell getting the lefties out. If the Cubs do not trade Marmol, the pen looks even better. Even with the season he has had. I see a rebound year from Marmol.

Maybe the Cubs are going to use Cashner as a RP for now, just for the AFL and during the winter he’ll be stretch out to be a starter. And he’ll pitch as a starter in spring training and see how he does. To be honest, this scenario will work out great and might be for the best.

Either choice the Cubs chose, Cashner will be on the Cubs in 2012 and will help the Cubs win. He is that good, even what you may think. Now we just have to hope, no injuries will occur and his career will be success.

Also, the Arizona Fall league begins on October 4th.

What do y’all think…will Andrew Cashner be a SP or an RP in 2012?

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