The Chicago Blackhawks will start the 2011-2012 Regular Season on Friday October 7th against the Dallas Stars. To celebrate the start of the season, ChiCitySports and Chicago Sports Travel Fanatic are doing a giveaway! It’s easy to enter, to officially enter, you’ll need to do the following…

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  • Post a Comment on this Article telling us how excited you are for the start of the Blackhawks season!
Winners will be selected AFTER the Blackhawks first game on October 7th. Plenty of time to enter!
We will be giving away the following…
  • Reebok Chicago Blackhawks Draft Day 2011 Flex-Fit Hat  
  • Long Sleeve L Chicago Blackhawks T-Shirt
  • Short Sleve L Chicago blackhawks T-Shirt
Good luck to everybody!

68 thoughts on “Chicago Blackhawks Start of Season Giveaway”

  1. I am wayyy excited for this season to unfold. The Hawks have the talent to score en masse as well as the toughness to initiate some new and settle some old scores.

    I expect some great entertainment this season.

  2. I am excited for the Madhouse on Madison to be the loudest in all of the NHL and to watch all of our new and old players dominate. I cannot wait to hear Chelsea Dagger, and to see the best sweaters in all of hockey.

  3. I’m so excited about the start of the season I created a Twitter solely for Blackhawks games and wear my Stanley Cup New Era hat all day on game days with my Kaner shersey.

  4. Charlie Roumeliotis

    I painted my bedroom walls in the black-red-white strips a couple weeks ago, booked my Stars-Blackhawks home opener tickets the day tickets went on sale, and just ordered my customized home authentic Blackhawks jersey that is expected to be delivered October 6 so I can wear it on opening night October 7th. How excited am I? I don’t know, you tell me 🙂

  5. Getting real excited for the start of the season. Roenick, Kane, and Frolik jerseys are dusted off and I am ready to go.

  6. I’m pumped to watch the excitement in our house this season. I may be a Penguins fan but my boyfriend is a diehard Hawks fan and we are hoping for our final this year. I want a 1992 repeat, he wants redemption. BRING IT! I’d also be girlfriend of the year if I scored him some merch. 🙂

  7. Hawkey is my only full contact sport that I love. I would give away my first born (if I had one) for season tickets. On a serious note, i love hockey and love the Blackhawks. I have been a fan for many years and reconnected when Rocky put them back on TV. My withdrawal has lead me to trash talk roller derby since they are on skates and do not hip check anyone, throw shoulders or even take down a girl. I said they sissyfied true Roller Derby and that I would play like my favorite hockey players, Ben Eager, Soupy, Hammer, etc, and end up on the penalty bench most of the game. Yes i know many of my favorite players are no longer playing for the Hawks but I still like them and I love their combative ways 🙂 Cannot wait to see a real sport played soon. Pre-season is ok but doesn’t count 🙂

  8. Oh yeah and I have Chelsey Dagger as my ring tone and dance like I do at the games whenever my phone rings. Yes, even on the train home!!!

  9. I have been a hawks fan since I was two. I haven’t been this excited to see the hawks start ever. One reason is because this years team has so much depth; more than we had in 2010. This is the most motivated, anticipated year for the hawks since the days of Amonte, Chelios and Belfour. The hawks are ready and so am I. Go hawks…Back to the cup we go!

  10. Can’t wait to see Jonathan Toews play!! Love the Blackhawks and can’t wait until we bring the cup back home to Chicago!!

  11. I’m so excited for the Blackhawks season to finally start! Been waiting since the end in April. I’m not from Chicago, so I’m basically chasing the team around the US this year. Hawks vs Anaheim and LA in November and February and then Hawks vs Pittsburgh in December and then up to Chicago against Montreal the next night. I’m getting my Blackhawks fix in!

  12. So excited that I made Chelsea Dagger auto-play every 20 minutes. Makes it a little hard to sleep, but IDGAF.

  13. This Hawkey season cannot come sooner!! I am so excited to start watching the Blackhawks pursure their goal of hoisting lord stanley! Its been a long offseason and can’t wait hear chelsea dagger again an again!!!! Go Hawks!

  14. So excited for the Blackhawks season to start. Excited to see all the new faces out there. I know this will be and exciting year! LETS GO HAWKS! WOOT WOOT!

  15. I can’t wait for the start of hockey season. Hope the @NHLBlackhawks can come out hot on ice!

    pssst: spellcheck in your contest article “Friday October 7th against the Dallas “Stats.”” you’re welcome

  16. I am so ready for the season to start. Baseball was such a disappointment this year. Time for some Cold Steel on Ice!!

  17. The hawks should be much better than they were last year, especially on D. Can’t wait for the year, bring on the canucks. DETROIT SUCKS

  18. Being from Islander country, everyone gets psyched about the Isles. While they’re the team I’m most likely to back in the East, I’m a Blackhawks fan through and through.

    I’m so stoked to see the Hawks hit the ice this year, in a real attempt to make up for last years heart breaker loss to those wusses in Vancouver. After adding so much depth during the offseason, it’s going to be a lot of fun watching how it all pans out.

  19. I believe we made huge strides this off season and am ready for the ensuing playoff run we are about to go on!

  20. Super excited to get the season rolling! With the roster moves made this off-season, I think they have a more well-rounded and balanced roster.

  21. Nothing beats the thrill of being at the Madhouse on Madison during Blackhawks Season. I can’t wait, let’s bring back the Cup!

  22. I’m looking forward to a 2011 that’s much brighter than our title defense season…loved the offseason, hard to complain about any of the moves we made. On paper we’re a tougher, grittier team, but they of course don’t play the game on paper. Can’t wait for next Friday, Go Hawks!

  23. I’m so excited about the bhawks this season. I’m going to my first game! I also have my wear ready to go starting on Friday! I’m feeling this could be a good year. The bromance boys are better than ever and really have grown into their bodies! I think I’m more excited for hockey than I will be for #whitesox spring training.

  24. So excited that I moved to the west loop, just minutes away from the UC, so I could be closer to the action.

  25. I am ready for Blackhawks season because Rocky Wirtz has given Blackhawks fans his commitment to winning. Since Rocky has taken over ownership and brought in new upper management along with Coach Q, his coaching staff and quality players, the Chicago Blackhawks are THE team to beat. I love this organization and THEY truly love Chicago.

  26. I’m so excited I’m prepared to wear my Hawks shirt in Vancouver to both games and so excited that I’m flying to Edmonton for a third!

  27. I’m excited to have 2 outa my 3 favorite Chicago teams kick ass! Bears and Hawks! I’m hoping Brunette can hemp us get closer to that cup again! Well LET’S GO HAWKS!!!
    B T H O Dallas!(:

  28. cristina herrera

    Im so excited for this season. I know the hawks will do really good this year. Lets go hawks!

  29. Lets GO HAWKS. Im so excited. Cant wait to be singing Chelsea Dagger all season long. 6 days!!!!

  30. crawsome will bring home the vezina.
    duncs will bring home the norris.
    kaner will bring home the conn smythe.
    tazer will bring home the hart.
    chicago will bring down the house.

  31. I’m so excited for the regular season that I kiss my Blackhawks jersey every night. And Chelsea Dagger is my phone ringtone. And I’m going to my first game in November and every time I think about it, I get so excited that I get jittery. Words can’t even describe how excited I am. Only one more week. I can’t wait. I probably won’t sleep on Thursday night because I’ll be so excited.

  32. I’m excited because I finally bought my first Blackhawks Sweater this offseason! A Hossa!! GO BLCKHAWKS!

  33. My excitement is now, in part, a result of my 3 year old son who went to the Caps preseason game. Every day since I hear “Daddy we go Blackhawks?” I can’t think of a better early memory a boy could have than going to the UC to watch the ‘Hawks. And now, as the season starts, his excitement just continues to grow

  34. Can’t wait for another run at the Stanley Cup and hopefully watch the next rookie of the year, Saad!And who isnt excited to watch Carcillo knock guys around especially Burrows. Go Hawks!

  35. The reason why I am excited for the blackhawks is cause I cant wait to see all they players give there all every game and try to win the cup and listening to the growed going during the national athem!!! Go hawks

  36. I’m REALLLLLLLY excited for this season! 18 yr old Saad on the team, the Car Bomb taking down all our nemesis and I want Kane to have a 100pt season. CAN’T WAIT!

  37. The pre-season has been such a TEASE! I can’t wait for games to count & be just one more step to the playoffs…EXCITED TO SEE THE HAWKS DOMINATE!

  38. I’m excited for the start of the Blackhawks season because school will be bearable again! I’m in my last year of high school and have nothing to comfort me during my stressed out nights, but with the Hawks’ season starting so soon, I can rely on games to relax and enjoy almost every other night! I’ve watched all the pre-season games so far, but they’re just a little look of what I can look forward to when it’s time for the real deal! The Blackhawks’ season starting means the closer it is to the playoffs, and I can’t wait to see the boys dominate! I’ve worn my Toews jersey a few times in the past month so I can break it in again after leaving it hanging in my closet over the summer, and I can’t wait to wear it way more often! The Blackhawks have been my favourite NHL team for quite some time, and the start of a new season of theirs means a start of a new year for me! Go Hawks go, and let’s hear some Chelsea Dagger!

  39. I’m pumped for the season to start. After the cup “hangover” I knew 2010 would be a tough year. But I’m much more optimistic about the prospects of 2011 now that the team has had a good long summer to rest and recuperate. And now that halloween is so close, I’m trying to figure out what Blackhawks insired pumpkin I should carve this year. I’m not sure how I can top mine from last year:

  40. I’m so pumped for this season to start, I’ve had recurring dreams that it’s Friday, only to wake up and be heartbroken that it’s not! 🙁

  41. So excited to see the top line of Sharp – Toews – Saad to start the year; hoping the kid makes it past the 9 games

  42. I am so ready for this season to start. Unfortunately trying to freeze the pool in the backyard in to an ice rink didn’t work out to well in the summer. On the plus side, it’s been cooling off so I get a better shot!

  43. the anthem, the action, the rivalries, the intensity of our C. so much else but most of all the hunt for the cup!
    ONE GOAL, again!

  44. How excited am I? I’m currently in San Diego for college and all I’ve been doing is talking hockey to everyone I can and trying to get people to like hockey, especially the Chicago Blackhawks!

  45. I’m so excited about the start of the Hawks season!! We’ve had a “Puck Drop” countdown on my fridge for over 6 weeks….just a little more than 12 hours to go!! ONE GOAL….AGAIN!!

  46. I’m excited about the Blackhawks season because Chicago will finally have a great team actually playing!

  47. So excited about the start of the season! I have been ready since last season ended. Here’s to a great season boys!

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