Guillen/Zambrano talked about Playing Together

The speculation of Zambrano joining the Marlins with Ozzie Guillen as the top dog just became more real. News broke today that Guillen and Zambrano talked on the phone recently about playing together, according to Ignacio Serrano of El Nacional. Serrano spoke to Zambrano’s friend Félix Luzón who was present when both had the conversation.

Luzón says; “that nothing is official but a deal could be reached where the Cubs cut the 30-year-old loose and give him the $18MM that he is owed in deferred payments.”

Carrie Muskat also chipped into this discussion. But her and MLBTR had a different translation, Muskat says the Marlins would pay 18MM in deferred payments, while MLBTR says the opposite. I guess we’ll just find out what happens when this situation is resolved. You can find Carrie Muskat’s post here.

Also, manager (as of now) Mike Quade recently said he would love to have Carlos Zambrano back in 2012, but didn’t sound high on that possibility. Knowing Zambrano will likely be gone.

I had a write-up last week about the Cubs possibly completing a trade with the Marlins, saying Zambrano goes to Miami and Ricky Nolasco comes back to the North side. You can find that article here.

We could see move regarding Zambrano and the Marlins soon. If that results in a trade with the Marlins or the Cubs just end up releasing him and he signs with the Marlins on his own. Which ever choice it may be, I’m am pretty positive Zambrano will be a Fish when the 2012 season kicks off.

What do y’all think…will he be a Marlin any time soon or how do you think the Zambrano saga will end up?


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