The Bears have a huge game coming up on Monday Night Football against the undefeated Detroit Lions. Being a division rival that’s undefeated, it only adds to how important this game is. The following week we face the Minnesota Vikings. With two back to back division games, the Bears need to step up and get back in the race.

To celebrate these awesome match-ups, we’re partnering up with the great folks over at BenchMob.Com to supply a giveaway to our awesome readers. The following are the 3 Chicago Bear designs that BenchMob offers. We’ll be giving away 1 of each. My personal favorite being the Gabe Carimi “Bear Jew” shirt.

How can you enter to win these awesome T-Shirts? Here are the parameters to enter the contest.

The following winners were selected…
  • Scoot26
  • Gabe
  • Nenan Lalic (BNB)
Thank you everybody for participating!

81 thoughts on “Bear Down Giveaway, Sponsored by BenchMob.Com”

  1. Nicholas Fisch nwfisch

    I wasn’t given a choice, but it was the best choice my parents did for me :smug:

  2. Dad was a Bears fan…credits me for the ’85 super bowl team (I was about 5 weeks old when they won). Love my Bears, no matter what. Go Jay. Go Matt. Go Brian. Go Bears.

  3. Ah, and also my grandfather grew up watching Sid Luckman, he taught my dad to be a Bears fan, who then got to witness the magic of the ’85 season, who than passed it on to me. I thought I would get to watch the mystical ’06 year, but we all know how that ended. Sad face.

  4. Just grew up likeing sports and came to the conclusion of liking all Chicago teams, excluding the White Sox.

    Love watching DA Bears!

    Ready to kick the Lions ASS!

  5. Growing up in Phoenix, AZ my mom taught me from day one to support and love the bears. Mom and family grew up in Chicago…….I was the only one born here in AZ. Mom taught to be a Bears game and I never looked back. Watch every game that I can, and visit Soldier Field every time i’m in Chicago

  6. My uncle introduced me to Chicago Bears football and the rest is history. How could you not love Da Bears?

  7. Nenad Lalic [BNB]

    I was born and raised in Chicago, so it was pretty easy to become a Bears fan. But when I watched my first game, I wasn’t a huge fan of football or the Bears at the time because I didn’t know much about either. The first game I saw was against Green Bay in the year 2000. The Bears pulled it off and beat the Packers 27-24. Since then, I’ve been hooked to both the Bears and football and haven’t missed a Bears game since then. That’s also the same time my hate for the Packers started. BEAR DOWN CHICAGO BEARS!

  8. I became a Bears fan when I was just a little girl. I was a total Daddy’s I loved and did whatever he did. He is a huge Bears fan and I remember sitting and watching games with him. I even remember my 1st game at Soldier Field. To this day, my dad and I talk sports non-stop..which includes the Bears!

  9. Born and raised in Hershey Pa which is stuck between Pittsburgh and Philly i sure as hell wasnt gonna be rooting for those shitty ass cities… The Fridge and Punky qb attracted me to the bears when i was a kid. I followed suit with the other sports teams in chicago. I have never been to chicago and hopefully one day before i die i get out there. i could go on and on about how im a total homer to chicago but i will stop…

  10. Born and raised in the Chi’, I would watch football with my dad every week even when I didn’t know what was going on and well.. I just never stopped. I love those guys and I love my town.


  12. I became a Bears fan as I followed Cutler over. Little did I realize how awesome the Bears were this whole time!

  13. I became a Chicago Bears fan in 1984. My dad was diagnosed with cancer and he was in the hospital allot. He was not a football fan but the first game I saw was a Bears game and said that is my team. He passed away and there were not many happy days. The only thing I looked forward to was the Bears game on the weekend. Those games helped me cope with dad passing and I have stuck by them in the good times and the bad. GO BEARS.

  14. Well, my story is more a bandwagon story. My mom was always watching the Bears when I was growing up (The 90’s) and for the most part the Bears were terrible, so I never thought I should ever pay attention to them. In 2001, they had that miracle year and I started watching games. After that season I jumped off the bandwagon as they went back to sucking for a few seasons and I again didnt watch a game again until the 2005 season, after they were established. I promised myself I would pay attention the next season, and well as they went to the Super Bowl I was ecstatic. I have not missed a game since Week 10 or so of the 2005 season.

  15. Became a Bear’s fan growing up in Wisconsin because my Dad raised me right. His hatred of the Packer’s began when he met Packer players when he was young and said that were all “pricks.” We owned a bar when I was young and I played the “Super Bowl Shuffle” every chance I got. BEARDOWN

  16. Generations of Bears fans in my family. I was born a Bears fan and have been my whole life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  17. In 1985 when the Bears won the Superbowl I was one years old. For the game my parents and my parents friends were having a Superbowl party at my house. Being a clumsy child, I slip and split my chin open on the edge of a table during half time. My parents not wanting to leave the house because of the game decided it was best in the end to bring me to the hospital where I got three stitches. I have a pretty good story and a pretty good scar. I wouldn’t trade the scar for anything. I have been a Bears fan since then.

  18. I was born into it. My dad was from Indianapolis but hated the Colts. He grew up a Bears fan. My mom was from Florida and didn’t watch sports, but now remembers the name of every player on the ’85 team. I was born in Chicago. Lucky for me the greatest city in the US is also home to the best damn football team in the world, and so I’m a Bears fan for now and forever.

  19. I became a Bears fan when my dad and I started watching them in the 80’s. He’s a football coach, I’m an only child, so we would sit down on Sundays and he would teach me football. He taught me football via Payton, Perry, McMahon, etc. Since I learned the game I LOVE watching them, I LOVE them.

  20. I became a Bear fan watching them play in Wrigley field. Saw Ditka play, saw Buffone play, saw Bill George, Doug Atkins, Dick Butkus play. Does it get better than that? And people today don’t know why the Bears have such a defensive reputation. They think it goes back to ’85 Bears!

    I’ve unfortunately had to suffer through some HORRIBLE teams, but that’s part of being a fan. Even when Dooley was living with Bobby Douglas, they were still the Bears. When Gibron was butchering the English language, he was still the meanest MF’er on the team.

    Skip to today, and we should be missing the characters of those teams, and, MOST importantly, the GRIT and absolute PASSION for the game. Today’s players just looking not to get hurt, and NOT to hurt the other guy. Remember Butkus biting his way through pileups? How about Doug Atkins, probably the best LB ever, and the MEANEST!

    That’s what being a fan is all about; multiple experiences, bad teams, good teams, great teams (hopefully). Clearly, being a Bear fan isn’t as onerous as being a Cub fan, but it’s still what drives all of us fans to point towards Sundays, the next “big” game (aren’t they all?), and to always know that there’s a NEXT YEAR to look forward to. What a great game. What a great and historic team. GO BEARS!

  21. I went to Yosemite National Park and was really scared of the Bears. I came back home, and thought of how bad ass a football team called the Bears would be.

  22. Shehan Jeyarajah

    I was born in Chicago and have always been a casual Bears fan, but I really became a fan of them after Devin Hester arrived. Seeing such an electrifying player on my favorite team turned me on to the rest of the sport!

  23. Well I was born & raised in chicago, both my parents were bears fans, but it was when my father took me to my first bears game that I truly. Became die hard. I remember it all. From the tailgaiting, to the raucous walk to the stadium. It was mike singletary’s final home game, they gave us commemorative coins for him at the gate which I still have. The bears from kickoff dominated the pittsburgh steelers, with an end result being 36-6. We sat right underneath as they raised the singletary player flag above us (old soldier). It was an amazing day, and from then on there will be no other football team in my heart. #beardown

  24. i became a bears fan because of my dad. and im from cleveland, so if i werent a bear fan i would be a browns fan. thank god for the bears

  25. I grew up with a Viking loving dad and a grandpa and uncle who loved the Packers. I’ve always been a fan of a good rivalry!!! Not to mention I’m pretty sure my choice to become a Bears fan cemented my place as the smartest in the family!!!

  26. I have been a Bears fan from day 1! I think I should win cause I have been behind Cutler from the start. That’s a true fan!

  27. It was our way of life as kids, watching the greats like Walter Payton, Mike singletary, Richard Dent, The coach, Dave Duerson, Willie Gault and too many others to mention!!!

  28. Became a Bears fan in ’84. Born into a Bears family that year, my aunts & uncles used to always make me “Baby McMahon” and put headbands & shades on me during Bears games! I’ve been a die-hard Bears fan ever since!

  29. Wow, Been a bears fan since 1960 i was six and saw the bears for the first time and how big they were especially being so small . sitting in wrigley field on a cold day was so cool in dec loved them since and always will win lose or tie.

  30. Hmmm, being from Wisconsin, I guess you could say it was not the norm. But I attribute it to the Bears dominating the Packers during my formative football years. To me Walter Payton was the best thing since sliced bread. And the Superbowl Shuffle was the nail in the coffin. That and the Icky shuffle, lol.

  31. I’ve been a Bears fan since my birth in 1996. My whole family has been Bears fans their whole lives (including my dad who grew up in New York), and I was taught well by them early.

  32. I’ve been a Bears Fan since 1983. It’s been a long long road with a lot of ups and downs. Now my daughter is starting to love Da Bears! I grew up in the North West Suburbs and 11 moves later I’m living in Mississippi. It’s not been easy being a True Fan that whole time but I’ve been there Always. Go Bears and beat the lions!

  33. I have been a Chicago Bears fan since birth, my dad was from Chicago and a diehard Bears fan and he raised me to be the same and now my son is a Bears fan and his son will be too! Here’s the kicker, were from Detroit ! Go Bears!

  34. I really can’t recall why I became a Bears fan. Growing up in PA, and being surrounded by Eagles fans, I guess I just wanted to be different. I must have been impressionable around the time of Superbowl XX. I was in 5th grade, and I have memories of McMahon, Sweetness, and the Fridge. I also recall making my parents buy me a #34 jersey, and I had them put my last name put on the back of it. The rest is history. Been a diehard fan since I was 10. Not an easy task in Eastern PA. Looking forward to the game on Nov. 7th!

  35. My grandson is a die heart ~ even written about the Bears on ChiCity and Bleacher report. His car is the color of Chicago Bears and he wears everything Chicago has. vroooom goes the orange and blue 1988 mustang. Should I say more about being a fan, my grandson says it all for me. GO BEARS

  36. It was 1984 and I was 9 years old watching my family (packers fans) suffer through the season. Then I saw sweetness and Singletary and Dent stomp all over them. Mean, tough, and unrelenting. I was a Bear fan for life. BEAR DOWN!!!

  37. I became a bear fan when I was born my dad is from Chicago so he made my a bear fan bear down go bears!!!!

  38. Brandon shropshire

    I became a Chicago Bears was I was just 5 yes old (that was 26 yrs ago) when I met the late great Walter Payton. That moment will stick with me til the day I die.

  39. Born and raised in Illinois, watching the Bears every week they are on no matter what. I once broke a bone during the bears game (arguing a call) and didn’t go to the hospital/doctor until the game was concluded (at my choice) I have a taped copy of the 1985-1986 Super bowl. I will be a Bears fan for life no matter what happens

  40. I came home from the hospital wearing a Payton Jersey and since then, I’ve gone through “confirmation” by traveling from Dallas, Tx to Chi-City to see late season games in freezing weather. Bear Down!

  41. Been a Bears fan ever since going to Platteville, WI every year for spring training! What a great time that was!

  42. well growin up in the chi definatly helped but really the reason for my love of the bears has got to be the lore behind the franchise. first off they have been around since the beginning, the names of so many hall of famers etched in my mind from Red Grange to ditka to butkus to payton and everyone in between. plus the underdog attitude we have had since the 90’s i can relate…. shit, they even used to play at Wrigley field how awesome is that? Monsters of the Midway baby DAAAAAAAAAAA BEARS 4LIFE!

  43. I played football from 4th grade on. Growing up in Idaho, there was no local pro team to root for. Many of my peers rooted for the Broncos and Seahawks because of geographical proximity, but I never felt drawn to either. I wasn’t a typical jock kid. I was always a little…different. I was more drawn to punk and new wave culture off the field. Needless to say, that wasn’t all that popular with my teammates, and once the pads came off I was often on my own. Then, along came the ’85 Bears and Jim McMahon, the Punky QB. I was already a huge fan of Sweetness (the greatest player to ever play the game), but the cast of characters that surrounded him in that era made me absolutely fall in love with the Monsters of the Midway. I loved the swagger, and the unorthodox attitude that team exuded. I dug deep into the history of the organization, and everything I found made me more and more proud to call myself a Bears fan. These days, I still wear my Walter Payton signature Roos. I’ve worn two pairs into the ground, have one in good condition that I wear almost daily, and I have another brand new pair still in the box. They would look great with a Bench Mob t-shirt! I bleed navy and orange, living and dying every week of the season with Soldier Field’s Army. BEAR DOWN! Check out the Rally Pics I invented that used to be posted weekly on in my Facebook photos!

  44. My dad was a fan when he was growing up, and I never really knew anything about football until a couple of years ago and I have been hooked since then! I went to a game in Chicago, which was a big deal, considering I live all around Giants and Jets fans. We hand a sign out of my window for the whole season, and we listen to every single game on the radio because they are rarely on TV here. I am a true bears fan.

  45. I became a Bears fan because my family was always rooting for the Bears! It was pro-football all the way in our house. No college teams.

  46. I have a picture of my mom in a bears tshirt while pregnant with me. I am proud to have it framed on my dresser. Il make sure my future kids get the same picture!

  47. Andrew Villareal

    Been a Walter Payton fan,since the 1st time I seen him run w/the ball in ’81. Heard a lot of ridicule growing up in So Cal and being a Bear fan. But……24/7 365,Win Lose or Tie, I will BEAR DOWN w/ every last breath, til I die.

  48. started out just being an Urlacher fan, and that quickly grew to being a straight up Bears Fanatic…I think I have the largest collection of Bears stuff in Canada. BEAR DOWN!!

  49. I became a Bears fan when my parents would race home from church on Sundays to watch games. My grandparents used to brag about the fact that cold games were the most fun thanks to electric socks! Now I am a season ticket holder. Bear Down!

  50. I came out of the womb singing “Bear down, Chicago Bears!” Born in November of 1984 just to witness the greatest defense in NFL history. From Peyton to Forte, McMahon to Cutler, and Singletary to Urlacher not a day has gone by in my life where I haven’t been rooting for Da Bears.

  51. Became a Bears fan in 1982, when
    I was born! My grandfather and mother were Bears fans, my grandpa having followed them since the years of the NFL title reigns of Halas. Bears fandom was my inheritance!

  52. Jonathan Carradine

    I been watching the bears since attending my first Bears game at Soilder Field against the Vikings In 2004. I grew into a big fan in a few years after since. I have learned more about the Bears History and its is Historic. So, I have admit that even tho i wasn’t born into being a bears fan, I been a huge fan of them since 7 years ago. BearDown, Chicago Bears!!!

  53. I was born and was raised a Chicago Bears fan, always have had a passion for football and hating the Packers 🙂

  54. China Dove Davis

    I was born and raised a Bears fan by my dad! I can literally remember when I was a kid and waking up Sunday morning to watch football. It was like as normal as waking up and heading to church. And even though my parents got a divorce and what not. It was still a routine me and my brother had kept going– Sundays watching the game. Then as time progressed we would watch Monday night football… and continued into my adulthood. Getting one of these t-shirts would be GREAT!!!!

    And good luck to everyone!

  55. These shirts are awesome, especially love the bear down one. I sing the fight song aloud every time the bears score!!!

  56. I forgot to say…my husband is from Chicago and I didn’t have a favorite team so I joined him in rooting for Bears! Growing up in VA there was no local team. I always played as the Bears on TechmoBowl video game so it was a natural fit. Been a die hard fan now for 11 years,

  57. When I was about 3 years old, I found a videotape of Walter doing what he did best, and ever since then, I have been a die hard bears fan. Whether it be Devin Hester, Urlacher, Singletary, Ditka, Butkus, or Sayers. I love the Chicago Bears. Born and raised as a fan. And always will be one. Hell as a wallpaper artist I love making Devin Hester Wallpapers. 🙂

  58. I became a Bears fan when I was five years old and I saw them single handedly dominate the Pats in Super Bowl XX! Great to see that team honored again recently by President Obama

  59. when i was little i thought they had the coolest uniforms and helmets. Ive been a die hard fan since then!

  60. Being a bears fan is in the blood. Only had three TV channels growing up and always got the bears in the first game and then lamonica andthe raiders or Dawson and the chiefs in game two.

  61. I’m a born and raised PROUD FAN of DA BEARS now here in southern Cali where all of the teams SUCK!!!!!!! Especially what I like to call them, the FLAKERS and KoBITCH!! He doesn’t compare to the G.O.A.T, his airness MICHAEL JORDAN!! The only good FLAKER, is the zenmaster Phil Jackson!! I was only 8 years old for superbowl 20 and my friends and I would try to do the shuffle in class. Some teachers even let us!!! I was also just one of the few lucky kids who was able to get our parents to buy us a sweetness jersey!! =) No matter where I reside, I’ll ALWAYS be a diehard fan of DA BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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