Could Lackey be on the Cubs Radar?

As the Theo Epstein saga continues, with the Red Sox taking their time on the compensation. Both teams holding out for a deal today, but it doesn’t appear. So, let’s put that behind us for now and move onto another topic. When Theo Epstein is officially the Cubs GM or President (Cubs could have a different GM, Josh Byrnes or Jed Hoyer with Epstein in charge or President of Baseball Operations), could he bring pitcher John Lackey to the North Side?

According to, John Lackey could go to the Cubs (I don’t have ESPN Insider, so I’m getting the brief of it. If you do, please share it). With the White Sox, Mariners and the Angels in the fold too. Lackey has not been the same pitcher since signing a 5 year/82.5M contract with the Red Sox. Lackey does has potential for good stuff. He pitch very good with the Angels. before he joined the Red Sox. But since he signed that big 5 year contract, Lackey has not pitched good and has been injured. A change of scenery is probably the best for him, but that will only happen if the Red Sox pay a lot of his contract in a trade or the Red Sox take a bad contract in return via trade. Lackey still has 3 years and 45.75M left on his contract.

I wouldn’t mind Lackey on the Cubs in ’12, but the Cubs will have to get money to help with his contract or the Cubs can do a bad contract swap. A change of scenery for players is not a bad idea and does help in cases, but not all.

2 scenarios:
Zambrano for Lackey base trade:
**The only problem with this trade is Zambrano only has 1 year and 18M left. Zambrano does has a 19.25 vesting option in 2013, but I heard it’s unlikely to vest. So, the contracts don’t exactly off match. A change of scenery for both pitchers I think will work. Big Z has potential, but hasn’t shown it lately and Lackey also has potential, but also hasn’t pitch that way. However, there is speculation that Zambrano will join good friend Ozzie Guillen in Miami. It may be more than speculation as both of them talked about playing with each other. But time will only tell on this scenario. In both cases, I would be find with. I love Zambrano, but I know his time is done in a Cubs uniform.

Soriano for Lackey base trade:
**This trade actually makes a lot of sense. Contracts are almost the same, with Soriano making a little less than 9M more. As Soriano has 3 years and 54M left on his contract. Soriano can still produce and is more if a DH now. The trade could be Soriano, money for Lackey or Soriano for Lackey and another bad contract up to 9M. If that doesn’t work, the Cubs can throw in a ‘spect and then take Lackey in return. But that would have to be straighten out by the two teams. Why do I say this trade makes a lot of sense? Because Soriano is a DH now and the Red Sox may lose their DH in David Ortiz. Ortiz may go to the New York Yankees, but we don’t know right now. The Cubs get a P that they need that could bring good stats to the NL-NL Central and the Red Sox will get a DH who will put up nice stats, maybe better than Ortiz. I think if both teams were to talk about a trade like this, I think a deal will/could be reached.

Also, the Cubs will have an opening in their OF for top prospect Brett Jackson. In one trade, 3 moves that the Cubs may want to do could be made. Get a pitcher for their starting rotation, trade Alfonso Soriano and open a spot for Brett Jackson. Doesn’t that sound nice? I have to say hell yeah!

I’m not high on John Lackey joining the Cubs, but we never know. New front office personel bring new agendas and strategies. But another question is, will Theo Epstein want to bring his mistake of signing John Lackey with him? He knows what he can do and if he can pick it up.

Let’s hope the Theo Epstein in officially in place soon and all of these questions can then be answered. So..would any of you be in favor of John Lackey joining the Cubs?


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2 thoughts on “Could Lackey be on the Cubs Radar?

  • October 18, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    Do you have an editor? If not, you need one pronto.

    No, I don’t think the Cubs would want Lackey, but if it rids Soriano then it’s possible.

  • October 18, 2011 at 6:49 PM

    Thanks for the comment Beef. We have some up and coming writers just learning the ins and outs, so there is some error expected.

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