According to Buster Olney of (Insider required), pitcher Carlos Zambrano may not be on the Marlins list to target this off-season of whom is a starting pitcher. Personnel in the Marlins front office are not too high on taking in Zambrano. Besides the love from new manager Ozzie Guillen. He does not have too much say in signees, but may have some. Right now, the Marlins are looking at Tampa Bay Rays P James Shields. Zambrano will cost way less than Shields, but probably doesn’t matter much.

Right when manager Ozzie Guillen was ‘traded’ from the White Sox to the Marlins, the speculation began on Zambrano joining up with him in Miami. The speculation became more serious when Zambrano and Guillen talked about playing with each other on the phone.

I don’t know what will happen, but I thought there was a good chance Zambrano will be playing for the Fish next year. He still might, but the chance went down with the report. Zambrano’s career in Chicago still looks to be over, but with a whole new front office and maybe a new manager, you never know. If Zambrano is not a Marlin next year, I could see him re-uniting with his old pitching coach Larry Rothschild in New York or in Boston. A new change of scenery will be good for him. There are other teams he could join, but would have to be discovered at a later date and time.

The Cubs have not been lucky in trading Zambrano the past few seasons, but with the Cubs paying majority of his contract, I could see a trade match. If Zambrano isn’t able to be traded, I think the Cubs will just release him and let him sign with any team. I just have a hard time seeing him in Cubbie blue next year, after Mr. Ricketts Sunday Night Baseball comment. In which he said; “I have a hard time imagining that:, when ask to you see Zambrano returning next year. It looks like Tom is already sick of Zambrano and will do anything to make him disappear.

The off-season hasn’t officiallybegun yet. The off-season will start after the World Series, next week sometime. Then we will start hearing the rumors, one being Carlos Zambrano.

So we’ll see…

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